It is important to know who is covered and the dependents they have listed. Insurance plan policies for expats in particular, can be complicated as countries, conditions, and travel can affect if a plan is applicable to you. You need to know what you are covered for and how long you are covered for.

If you travel regularly and require a plan that meets your needs you will need to know where you are covered. If you have a group plan you need to know if all intended are accounted for and who is the policyholder for the plan whose name will show up on all plan documents.

Why are International Health Insurance Plan Terms Important to Read?

When you are buying any insurance policy, you are getting into a contract with the insurance contract, not us as we are not an insurance provider. We are just the broker that helps you find a policy and assist where required. The policy contract will dictate the plan terms and conditions, coverage details and much more. Failure to read and understand the coverage conditions can lead you to buy coverage that may not meet your requirements. For people wanting to retire abroad, it is vital that they make sure the policy will cover them abroad for life as an expatriate. The Cigna plan is a great choice for these expats for this very reason.

What if I have Questions on the Expat Health Plan Contract?

Insurance policy contracts are not often easy to understand for people not well-versed in insurance contracts or policies. If you have a question on the coverage that you are buying, contact us with your question and either the insurer or we can provide an answer in writing so everyone is clear as to what you are buying.

What About Common Expat Policy Terms?

There are a lot of Common Policy Terms that are listed in a global medical insurance contract. That is why we put together a web page on our website that provides a description or the common expat policy terms that are used in most contracts.

What else can I do?

A great way to better understand international health plans is to download the global health insurance policy guide as it is chalk full of great information on understanding your global health requirements along with the policies that are designed to cover you and your family abroad. The guide is free and easy to read. If you still have questions, feel free to give us a call or send an email. We deliver independent and expert advice to future and current global nomads and expatriates at no charge. There are no fees from us when you buy a global health plan via our website and the premiums are the same regardless of our involvement. Expat Financial, a division of TFG Global Insurance Solutions Ltd., also assists clients on request at renewal or in the event of a claims or policy dispute with the insurance company at no fee!

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