While out-patient coverage is not always covered in a plan, every health insurance plan covers in-patient overseas treatment and the insured person having inpatient coverage can select any hospital and doctor or surgeon they want. If you require out-patient, dental or maternity care, make sure you are covered as it will likely require additional costs.

Inpatient coverage usually includes:Inpatient coverage

  • Ambulance fare
  • In-patient medicine
  • Private hospital room
  • Intensive care facilities
  • Medical tools and prostheses
  • Surgery and anesthesia
  • In-patient x-rays, MRI and other medical tests
  • Out-patient treatment

The level of hospital coverage will depend on the policy. Some expat health plans have two or three levels of coverage, such as the Cigna Global Health Options plan, which has Silver, Gold and Platinum levels. Other plans will include out-patient care.