coverage area for expats

You can choose an expatriate health insurance plans that either covers you globally or excludes North America. Some plans will only cover you in a specific region. Complete global coverage is typically more expensive than a plan that excludes North America, especially the United States. You can rest assured that global coverage will allow you to arrange for treatment with any doctor in any hospital anywhere.

If your plan excludes North America, most plans still allow you to arrange emergency medical treatment in North America for a set amount of days annually. Most expatriates from North America or residing near the United States, such as in the Caribbean, will want an offshore medical plan that includes treatment in the USA. Some expatriates in Europe will only want an expatriate health insurance plans that will provide fully portable coverage.

Obtain detailed destination information, including healthcare options and conditions in the destination country along with the expatriate plans offered by checking out our Regional Insurance Guide.

Expatriate Health Insurance Plans

ihi BUPA offers an extremely comprehensive policy that provides worldwide coverage including the USA. The International Health & Hospital Plan is available for purchase via our web site – simply download the application and brochure and send it to Expat Financial via email, post or fax.

Expat Financial can answer any of your queries and give you a variety of quotes for expat medical plans. You can obtain a quote online or contact us to review your global medical insurance needs.