Overseas health insurers have several options for handling claims:

  • Globe-informationPicPrior to planned treatment, the insurer requires the client to sign a “Treatment Guarantee” form. The insurer is then able to pay directly to the hospital. If an emergency occurs and the client needs immediate in-patient treatment most insurers will contact and pay the hospital directly. In such situations it is recommended the client get in contact with their insurer to make a settlement.
  • Some countries set up direct out-patient networks for dealing with expat insurance that allows the insured access to an out-patient clinic and have the insurer settle the payment directly without the insured having to pay the initial fee.
  • However, normally the insured has to make the initial payment and then submit a claim form with a receipt to the insurer. The overseas health insurer will then reimburse the policy holder by the agreed payment method

Sometimes issues can arise from submitted claims. It is a good idea to get any hospital related medical expenses pre-authorized by your insurance provider. The expat health provider may have a searchable list of medical facilities that it has direct reimbursement agreements. This will make the claims process much smoother.

Pre-existing conditions are usually excluded unless they are specially underwritten and agreed to by the insurance company. Contact Expat Financial today to discuss your own expat health insurance needs or obtain a quote online via our expat health page.