Local or Global health insurance plan

Learn How to Select an Expatriate Health Plan

Finding the right expatriate health insurance plan is an important decision as you need to make sure it covers all possibilities where you travel. It should also be cost-efficient as it could be a plan that stays with you throughout your life. Changing your plan, later on, may not have the same services available or may count certain health issues like pre-existing conditions and you may not be covered for these problems with the new plan.

Most international health plans will provide you a base in-patient medical care that will cover hospital-related expenses. You can also add out-patient medical care that will cover expenses that relate to medical care outside the hospital, such as going to your doctor or specialists, x-rays and scans. Prescription coverage may be separate or part of the out-patient module. If you are living in a country with limited medical facilities, you may want to get the medical evacuation option. Finally, some global plans will also offer dental and vision care options.

Expat Financial will save you time and find the perfect plan for you. Avoid the hassle and anxiety of finding a cost-effective plan that covers all your needs with our knowledgeable and free consulting services. If your company manages many employees with varying needs, you can request a group expatriate health insurance quote and we can advise you whether your plan’s policies should be altered as your employees and company changes. Click HERE to look at the international health providers that we work with.