chronic conditions coverage for expats

The treatment of chronic conditions for expatriates while abroad can be a convoluted and costly process. Permanent ailments such as disease, diabetes, arthritis and asthma usually require very specific plans that will continue to cover your ongoing health needs. Young expatriates usually do not think ahead to possible future medical conditions but if you develop an illness later on it will be recognized as a pre-existing condition when trying to obtain health coverage. You should avoid changing plans if you have developed a pre-existing medical condition that is currently being covered by your existing expat insurer.

There are usually several limitations. When a lingering ailment acts up or needs special treatment during a short time this is known as Acute Phase coverage. A Lifetime Limit is where an insurance company will agree to cover ongoing ailments for a set period of time but will not continue to cover the condition if the ailment needs continuing treatment. An annual limit usually applies a fixed amount of health expenses per year.

Expat Financial offers some plans which can underwrite many pre-existing medical conditions after a thorough underwriting process with select insurance firms that we work with. A typical expat health plan will not cover pre-existing medical conditions or will cover them after being on their policy for 2 years with no treatment for the medical condition.  You can contact Expat Financial for a detailed quote via our quote page or examine the international health plans we offer from various global underwriters.