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6 Genius Tips for Traveling Within Budget

A simple guide to traveling within a budget

Going away on holiday is always an exciting experience with high anticipation! With all the different considerations to plan for, the trip planning portion of your vacation can be challenging for some. Learn about the six genius tips for traveling within budget.

Budget before you leave

As many trips go, there will be a hundred different things you will want to explore on your time away. Whether that be a weekend getaway or a long trip, you should never underestimate the value in budgeting.

You can never do “too much” research when traveling to a new city or relocating to a new home country. It’s vital while budgeting to look into multiple sources and sites when trying to obtain information about different costs. It is important to remember that, although one source may give you tempting information, it may not be accurate. That is why we recommended looking into multiple different sites, platforms, and resources while budgeting for your trip.

Calculating Budget

Look for hotel bundle deals

During your research, make sure to take extra precautions when looking into hotel and flight deals. There is a multitude of websites that are available to the public nowadays. That means you have an abundant amount of options to choose from. There are plenty of ways to save on your traveling expenditure. For example, choosing hotels outside of your city, or taking a flight that’s not the ideal travel time. By making these small compromises, it will ultimately allow you to experience many other adventures on your trip.

Always over budget rather than under budget

Another tip for traveling within budget is to choose a generous approach rather than an optimistic one. We know it can be very tempting to downplay the costs of your trip, but at the end of the day, it is always better to come home with a little extra cash or take that extra unexpected tour on your last day rather than coming home to extra credit card debt.

 Follow your budget

After taking all the time to budget and plan for your trip, the next important step in the savings guideline is to actually follow through with your budget. A common mistake done by many travelers is to create a fantastic and well-detailed budget plan, and then fail to execute once on vacation. Not to say that you need to stay on budget for every meal and every expenditure, but make sure to stay well within the confinements of your budget.


Watch for the scams

As many cities & destinations are accustomed to having tourists and visitors around, it is important to be aware of the scams and tricks from the locals, especially in poorer countries.  It’s important to note that many scams can be in the form of “too good to be true” savings. When traveling within budget, be aware of these scams. Keep in mind the value of the product or service you are receiving. You should also make sure it aligns with the proposed costs.

Obtain travel insurance before leaving

Lastly, when traveling within budget, it is important to obtain travel insurance coverage for the duration of your trip. It is important to obtain coverage for the entirety of your trip in order to avoid a lapse in coverage. Unexpected medical costs can become very expensive while traveling abroad, and you don’t want to be caught without medical coverage. If you are moving abroad for a year or more, it is highly recommended that you obtain a quote for international health insurance to cover you globally.

At Expat Financial, a division of TFG Global Solutions Ltd., we are able to offer individuals or group plans for those traveling abroad. To receive a quote contact us directly at [email protected]