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Fundamentals of Becoming an Expatriate

There are numerous reasons for someone to relocate to a new country and become an expatriate. It can be an inbound decision of wanting a new life of adventure or job relocation. Regardless of the reason, there is an abundant amount of benefits for making a move. The term expatriate is often misinterpreted. In this article, we will help you understand what it means to be an expatriate. We will also explore how to prepare for your new life. Here are the fundamentals of becoming an expatriate.

What is an Expatriate?

An expatriate is considered as anyone who is living outside of their native country. You can be a permanent, semi-permanent, or temporary expat, depending on your specific situation.

When relocating abroad, regardless of the reason for moving, there are plenty of considerations to think about beforehand. Essential factors in determining are your source of income, accommodation, and language in your new country. You also have to consider the visa requirement and the medical care system work in your new country. We have created a small guide to answer some big-picture questions that are crucial to know before your big relocation.

Visa Requirements


Most countries will require a visa to become a local resident. The process and availability will depend on your country of origin and your new home. It is vital to understand all the factors and limitations of your visa before moving. More often, a work visa will have an extended period of validity in comparison to a visitor visa. It results in a more stable duration of stay.

Adapting to local culture

Your international relocation may bring you to a country that is vastly different than your home town, whether that be in Africa, Asia, Europe, or South America. Each region and country around the world has it’s own unique offerings to you as an expatriate. It will be essential to learn and appreciate how differently things are done. One aspect that will significantly benefit you as an expatriate will be to learn the local language as well as possible. Learning a new language has many benefits and challenges. In the end, it will significantly improve your experiences in the new country. The more you adjust and dive into the culture and experiences of your new home, the easier it will be for you to adapt and enjoy your time away from home.

The benefits of Expatriate health insurance

What is an expatCountries all around the world vary in healthcare, cost and standardization, and care. As an expatriate living abroad, you will want to have the best healthcare coverage as possible. In most circumstances, countries will require expatriates to obtain a global medical coverage plan for extra protection. It is because most expats won’t be covered under a domestic policy. A comprehensive global medical policy that can move with you and cover you locally, regionally, and globally – especially back home will be critical.

A significant benefit of a global medical health care plan is the ability to cover other dependents as well. It can be your spouse or children. Obtaining the best care for yourself and your family is an integral part of an expat’s lifestyle.

Domestic government health plans often only provide access to public hospitals and doctors. It may become problematic as you will have more restrictive access to medical care. To avoid long wait lines, extra costs of testing and surgeries, most expats will seek out global medical coverage. It gives them access to private hospitals, doctors, and clinics.

The keys to success

As rewarding as living an expatriate life can be, there will undoubtedly be some obstacles along the way. Here are some suggestions to get the most out of your expatriate experience.

  1. Appreciate the cultures and languages of your new country! Many people will never have the opportunity to travel and live the expat lifestyle. So take time to dive into new cultures, meet the locals, and learn to appreciate your unique lifestyle.
  2. Moving abroad is the perfect opportunity to do a significant cleanout in your house! Deciding what to pack when moving abroad can be a stressful and tedious experience. However, it is an excellent opportunity to purge out old household items and clothing that you don’t need!
  3. As a new expat, it’s vital to engage in an expat and the local community. There are several benefits to relying on other expatriates, including learning from their past mistakes and suggestions. You can also tap on their knowledge of conducting business and creating a social life in a foreign land.
  4. It will also be essential to know about your countries taxation policies. As all countries differ in tax legislation, it will be crucial to be up to date on your tax status. It’s also necessary to find out if double taxation agreements are in place between the two countries.

Lastly, obtaining your international health insurance before relocating, or within the first few days of moving will be crucial. It will alleviate a large amount of unnecessary stress that is preventable to protect yourself. At Expat Financial, we can meet the growing needs of expatriates who require global healthcare coverage for you and your families. To view available international health insurance plans available, click here!

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