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Hong Kong International Health Insurance Options

International health insurance in Hong Kong is an important factor to consider when moving to this city. In this article, we will discuss how international health insurance in Hong Kong is vital for locals, travelers, and expatriates in one of the most prosperous international business areas in Asia. Hong Kong is within a few hours by air from major cities such as Beijing, Tokyo, Seoul, and Singapore in Southeast Asia. Hong Kong has an advanced medical care system, education, international cuisine and an active lifestyle that helps attract many expatriates from all over the world each year.

Healthcare System in Hong Kong

Public Healthcare System:

The standard of healthcare in Hong Kong is generally considered one of the best healthcare systems in Asia. Most healthcare is government operated and managed by HK Health Authority. There are approximately 56 hospitals in Hong Kong, of which 12 are private, and 44 are public. Public hospitals are equipped with advanced facilities and well-trained medical staff, and the cost to Hong Kong ID card holders is minimal and affordable. For the most part, the public system is more geared to emergency care, not preventive health care. There is also usually less choice, especially concerning doctors. The one thing the public system does not provide is dental care, so expatriates seeking dental treatment must take out an health insurance plan to cover the medical cost.

expat healthcare if critical

Private Healthcare System:

Private hospitals are often chosen by Hong Kong nationals and expatriates because of their high level of service and excellent treatment, without the long waits and queues. Private facilities in the city will also provide flexible surgery bookings to suit expats’ schedules along with more deluxe accommodations and services. You may have to pay more when a surgery is performed outside regular hours. However, the cost of using private medical facilities can be quite high. It is important that expats moving to Hong Kong obtain health insurance coverage before departure. Many expats in Hong Kong will add optional dental care for their family.

Health Cover for Visiting Hong Kong as a Traveler

A visa for Hong Kong is not required for tourists from more than 160 countries within staying between 7 to 180 days. Medical payments are sometimes made in cash in public hospitals. As travelers don’t have a Hong Kong ID card, they will need to pay private hospital rates when using public hospitals. For example, the cost for an emergency visit at public hospitals can be HK$120 with ID card but could be HK$600 as a traveler without one. For this reason, travelers tend to use private healthcare facilities for treatment under emergency situations. It is important to obtain emergency travel medical insurance with medical evacuation coverage if travelling to Hong Kong from another country that will provide payment for medical treatment via a large network of hospitals.

Global Health Insurance for People Living and Working in Hong Kong 

Living and Working in Hong Kong

As a well established international financial center, there are many expatriates working in business or finance related professions in Hong Kong. Some expat employers may provide health plan with basic coverage, but it probably won’t provide much coverage beyond HK or Asia. However, this is often inadequate when applying to private medical facilities. Additional private medical insurance plan is required to cover your stay. Many expats should also obtain global life and disability insurance coverage.

International Health Insurance Solutions in Hong Kong 

Expat Financial offers several international health insurance plans for expatriates living and working in Hong Kong. We offer plans from a varity of international health insurance companies that are designed for foreign nationals living outside the country for which they hold a passport or some local national living outside the US or Canada. We also offer excellent service before and after you purchase your international health insurance plan. If you have questions about our international medical insurance plans or you want to discuss your needs and produce a customized quote, please contact us or complete the quote form.