Expat Healthcare in Russia

Being the largest country in the world, and spanning eleven time zones, Russia is a sovereign state extending across the entirety of northern Asia and much of Eastern Europe. From Lake Baikal to the old imperial city of Irkutsk, Russia attracts an increasing number of tourists and expats. Anyone who is considering living in Russia should first examine the health system and what may be available for expats there. Most local nationals in Russia will seek medical care from a public run hospital or doctor via the domestic insurance system.

Expat Healthcare in Russia

The Health Care Department organizes the healthcare system in Russia. Russian citizens enjoy free healthcare in public hospitals and clinics. Public medical services are provided from basic medical care to emergency services. There are a large number of public medical facilities, medical institutions and pharmacies. However, the overall quality of public healthcare sector is lower than western standard countries. Also, it may not easy to find an English speaking doctor. Especially in rural areas, access to medical care can be more difficult, so you are probably best to seek medical care in a major city such as Moscow.

There are plenty of private healthcare facilities in large cities such as Moscow, and this is a popular option for expats to visit for routine medical check-ups, dental care, and other emergency treatment. Some expatriates will attend private medical clinics such as The American Clinic or the European Medical Centre.

Why Expats Going to Russia need International Health Insurance?

For expats planning to work and live in Russia, it is strongly recommended for them to obtain comprehensive international or European health insurance before departure. The standard of public healthcare facilities is lower than that in western countries and are not used by most expats. Private medical clinics are usually very expensive in Russia, especially those of western-style, and it is usually required to prepay the cost before receiving medical treatment.

Furthermore, it is a legal requirement to have an European health insurance policy if an expat intended to obtain residency in Russia. Though Russia has a reciprocal healthcare agreement between some countries, many of the medical professionals in the Russian public system don’t speak English. Most expats will search out private clinics with international medical staff and equipment. Some of them may choose to travel outside of Russia for specialist medical care.

With a comprehensive expat health insurance plan, you are covered for medical expenses, hospitalization and treatments, medicines and emergency evacuations – which are all you need to stay in Russia. If you are traveling to Russia, then travel medical insurance for up to one year is very suitable for you. If you are planning to reside in Russia, it is critical that you purchase an international health insurance plan that will not only cover you in Russia but globally as well.

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