Are you becoming an expatriate?

Are you planning to move abroad, or are you already living overseas as an expatriate or global citizen?

An expatriate is often considered to be someone living outside of their native country for an indefinite amount of time.

There are plenty of reasons to move abroad. It could be a job relocation, retirement, or you want to travel and work as a digital nomad.

Here are eight factors to consider when pursuing an expat lifestyle:

  • Your source of income
  • The city will you be living in
  • Accommodation
  • Schooling for children
  • Access to healthcare
  • Language barriers
  • Visa requirements
  • And International Health Insurance

Obtaining a high-quality global health plan is vital if you are living abroad.

A global medical plan should allow you to seek treatment inside & outside your destination country.

Most global health plans will cover hospital care, but also include out-patient expenses, medical evacuation, wellness, and dental care.

Conducting in-depth research on these factors will help you choose the best country to live and work. After all, relocating to a new country is no easy feat.

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