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8 Reasons You Should Retire in France

Become a Retired Expat in France – 8 Reasons You Should Retire in France

France is an extremely popular destination for travelers as well as expats looking for a culturally rewarding retired life. It is the natural beauty & culture of the country that makes it a much sought after getaway for retirees from across the globe. Apart from its rich history and culture, there are many reasons why France can be your next home. You just have to plan to ensure that your retired life in France is hassle-free and pleasant. Here are eight great reasons why you should consider as expat to retire in France

1. Conveniently Located and Well-connected

Expats, especially the Europeans can easily travel to France because there are many cheap flights from countries like Italy, Germany, and the United Kingdom. People from the UK can also use trains and road transport to travel back and forth daily. Major French cities such as Paris are also well-connected to other European, Asian and American metropolitan cities via flights, which means that your loved ones can easily make their travel plans with you or explore other exotic destinations across the continent. You won’t regret after retiring in France because you will have easy access to the Alps, cruise in the Mediterranean Sea or simply while away your holidays on the Atlantic coast.

 2. Properties in Rural Areas of France are Affordable

retire in FranceReal estate in France is not as expensive as the UK. Property prices in Paris and the south coast may be on the higher side; however, you can grab some lucrative deals if you do some hard work and research. There is a lot of real estate information on the net, so take your time to find the best possible abode for your retired life. Additionally, the legal system in France is robust enough to protect your rights as a property buyer. You can also hire a reputed lawyer and take the necessary advice before you invest your hard-earned money in real estate.

 3. Geographically Diverse and Beautiful

France boasts of a geographically diverse and incredibly appealing natural setting to suit almost everyone’s taste and budget. You can either choose to reside in a mountainous region or a beachfront villa or a high-rise apartment of a vibrant city like Paris. This means that you can easily find a place that you can call home no matter what your choices are. You can also plan to settle in areas where international communities are found in large numbers.

This would make life much easier for you if you are traveling or retiring in France for the very first time. You can make friends with fellow expats and get the right guidance to get acquainted with the new lifestyle and culture. Ideally, you should explore places around any region before deciding to settle down. As you want to retire in France, you will love to explore the country to find your dream home. You have endless options to choose from when it comes to finding a good French destination.

4. France Offers a Convenient Retirement Lifestyle

Live in FrancePeople in France believe in working to live and not living to work. They believe in living life to the fullest by emphasizing more on quality of life and having a good time. So, you can expect a convenient lifestyle no matter where you plan to spend your days as a retiree. If you use your retirement pension money wisely, you won’t have to worry much during this transition as an expat. It is this positive attitude amongst residents that will encourage you to enjoy the pace of life that is ideal post-retirement.

5. France is a Foodie’s Paradise

There is no doubt that France is a foodie’s paradise. Wine lovers can indulge in French wines that are considered to be some of the world’s best – explore the Bordeau or Champaign regions at your leisure. Excellent quality foods and drinks are in abundance and they are affordable too. Your life as an expat while retire in France will also give you ample opportunities to go on wine tasting tours or join wine clubs to get in-depth knowledge about wine production. France comprises of many regions that were separate countries before; so, each region boasts of its unique cuisine. The cultural nuances are evident in the ways the foods are prepared across the regions. Note that most French cooking will have a lot of butter and fat content, so make sure you walk as much as possible to avoid putting on unwanted weight.

6. Excellent Healthcare System

Supported by the social security fund, the French healthcare system ((l’Assurance Maladie in French) is excellent for its residents. The social security fund comprises of insurance funds contributed by French residents and fees charged during a particular treatment. Residents, as well as expats, can obtain medical care through the efficient French healthcare system that covers the public as well as private healthcare facilities including, health specialists, clinics, hospitals, and doctors. To be on the safer side, you can purchase an international health insurance plan that would provide adequate coverage for critical ailments and treatments that are usually very expensive at private healthcare facilities.

 7. Expat Population is Large and Inviting

retiring in FranceRetiring to a new country may not be a cakewalk; however, it is easier to retire in France these days as compared to the times when the internet was not available worldwide. Today, there are endless real estate options to look for on the internet. You can also check out expat forums and get connected to fellow retirees.

Relocating to France is very simple and you will get the desired assistance from fellow expats who have settled in huge numbers in the last few decades. Expat communities will be more than happy to embrace you with open arms and provide you the necessary information so that you don’t feel lost during your initial days as an expatriate.

8. The Incredible French Culture and History

As you already know but we should still mention, France is full of historic sites, art and rich culture for tourists and expats alike. As an expat in France, you will have much more time to explore museums, churches, Roman ruins and palaces around the country. You should, of course, make sure you visit the Louvre and Versailles. There are too many to mention.

You can expect a wonderful retired life in a French destination if you have sufficient funds in your bank account or a reliable income source. Apart from some tax advantages and easy immigration policy, France is a great choice for expats looking for a peaceful and high-quality lifestyle. A little financial, legal and tax planning is all you need before you set foot on French soil as a retiree.