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RSA is Not Renewing Their Expat Health Plans for Canadian Expats

We were recently approached by a Royal Sun Alliance Canada customer who received a letter stating that RSA health plans for Canadian expats no longer and they would “be offering the Viator Expatriates Health Insurance coverage directly to individuals” and “upon expiring of your current coverage, you will need to contact another insurance provider  in order to purchase a new policy and ensure that you have continued coverage as an expatriate.” This left this customer with an urgent need to find a replacement policy. Luckily, she was able to get a quote and secure an excellent global health plan from one of our insurance suppliers. We have never sold the Viator plan as we felt that the coverage and support provided was deficient and the provider & policy simply did not meet our requirements for properly covering individual expatriates living abroad. There are still brokers out in the Candian market selling this plan online.

It is a good thing we never sold the Viator plan as now their clients have been left out in the cold. What if you were a Viator client with pre-existing medical conditions? If so, you are in a very difficult position as all individual expat health plans are medically underwritten and you might now have an exclusion with a plan provider and plan or simply be declined. Now you may have to move back home. That is why it makes sense for expatriates to work with an expat health insurance specialist broker who can examine your requirements and only sell plans that will be there for the long term with large global health insurance companies.

The RSA letter our new client recweived did provide a link to a Canadian insurance company association site called OLHI (OmbudsService for Life& Health Insurance), but if you do a search for expat healthcare on their site, you get a Canadian insurer that as far as we can see doesn’t offer any individual expat healthcare – only short term travel insurance for those covered by Canadian provincial medical plans. So, not much help at all. Our new client found us via a google search for health coverage.

So if you are a current or former RSA Viator expat health plan client, contact us today and obtain a quote for one of the global health plans we offer to individual expats via:

We can discuss your requirements and you can even get a quote and apply online for one of our excellent international health insurance providers. We only work with insurers that are in the business for the long run. Back to our new client – she purchased the Cigna Global Health Options plan and was approved!