Tips for first time expatriates

5 Tips for first time expatriates living abroad

For many first-time expatriates relocating abroad or doing an expat assignment, the first few months of living abroad could be either exciting or overwhelming. To help expatriates adjust to living in another culture, in this article, we will discuss five tips for first time expatriates and first months abroad so that you will overcome the negative feeling of culture shock and make your first move successful.

Tips for a Successful Start as an Expat:

Go Out and Meet the Local People 

Meet Local People

The most common feeling that expats will face in their first month is isolation. It is strongly encouraged that expats go out and engage locals and other expatriates alike. This kind of interaction will immerse yourself in local living, the earlier you start, the quicker you will eliminate the uncomfortable feeling about an unfamiliar country.

Eat Local Food

When you are in a new country, it is vital to maintain healthy eating habits, especially during your first few months. Trying to eat local food that you’ve never had before will provide you with new healthy patterns will give you the feeling of exploration. It is recommended that you try to give your body a few days to adjust to the new place, then you’re good to explore. From Cairo to Bangkok, there are lots of great food choices for expatriates.

Keep Your Own Pace When You Move Abroad

Expat GroupLack of language skills, making mistakes when taking local public transit and getting lost are all common experiences for first-time expats in your new country, so try not to feel embarrassed at the beginning. Things will gradually improve, so we encourage expatriates to embrace all the imperfections during their first few months. It is a way to throw yourself out of your comfort zone and learn.

Try Something New

It is also suggested for expatriates to do something new in their destination country such as hiking, dancing, or dragon boating. You will not only develop a new hobby, but you might meet amazing new friends. For expats who work busy schedules and don’t have time to attend these exercise classes, it is also encouraged to attend a gym during weekends.

Don’t Rush

Give yourself some time to settle in and don’t blame yourself on feeling lonely and missing home. It takes time to integrate into your new country. Accepting the inviations of your colleagues and neighbours will help you ease the transition process. Many expat employers will have programs in place to help you and your expat spouse an children ease into your new life abroad.

Don’t Forget International Health Insurance 

Moving abroad for the first time is both exciting and sometimes unnerving. Don’t let unexpected medical costs abroad worry you or your family when you make the big jump. It is important to choose a quality insurer when you live abroad for your global medical needs. Expat Financial offers many different international health insurance plans for expatriates across the world from large and respected insurers.

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