Expat Spouse Advice

You have accepted a job assignment overseas and are planning a life abroad. When you are excited about the foreign land, don’t forget to prepare your family for the transition. It is important that expat families are adequately prepared before relocating abroad. Many spouses, however, has a good career in their home country and now they are leaving their jobs to accompany their partners on expat assignment. This transition can be daunting: going from a rewarding career and many social contacts to becoming a lonely housewife, or househusband, not to mention the lack of support network, culture shock, and potential marital life impact, all are quite adjustments by themselves.

Expat Spouse Advice:

Find supported network

It is vital to look for supported network before you relocate. Many expat locations have supported groups, helping new expat spouses to get involved in new life by sharing stories from people who have gone through the whole process. If you don’t have a work visa, try to do some other alternative. Enrolling in a course that you’ve longed to take, go to charity and church, or developing a new hobby. Always be proactive and don’t let the loneliness surround you.

Treat the relocation as a gift

Your dream do not need to be put on hold when becoming an expat spouse. In the process of adjusting yourself to the new life, you may encounter something that will give a sense of purpose in your life, and life always change for the better. Try to make a real attempt to integrate yourself by learning the local language and culture. It is important to maintain close relationship with your family members at the same time. The extra effort which you put in family are rewarded.

Prepare the unexpected 

Many expat families may not consider maternity coverage in their medical insurance. Although cost can vary from places to places, having a baby as an expat can be expensive. Travel insurance plans will generally not provide pregnancy related expenses, especially in the last 3 months of pregnancy. So when you are moving abroad, make sure to check your international health insurance policy and see whether maternity coverage is included. Also, double check the waiting period time. If the current medical plan does not satisfy your condition, purchase maternity coverage as an optional benefit.

Medical and emergency services 

Some expat companies may not offer medical benefits for expat employees. And sometime due to the nature of the assignments and types of expats, there is no easy solutions for a company to manage expat employee benefits. Home country medical insurance policy can not cover overseas residents. If the expat assignment is extended, or you and your family decided to stay permanently in the host country, then adequate medical coverage and emergency evacuation is crucial.

Bring International Health Insurance with you 

International health insurance cover is an necessity and should be your top considerations for you and your family. Expat Financial offers a wide range of expatriate health insurance plans designed specifically for any expatriates of any nationality around much of the world. Our expat health insurance plans can also cover local nationals where conditions permit. It is crucial for every expat family to take the necessary action to ensure that their spouse and children’s health and well-being are protected and provided for via an appropriate level of expat insurance.

If you have questions about our international medical insurance plans or you want to discuss your needs and produce a customized evacuation quote, please contact us or complete the quote form.