International Health Insurance Video for Canadian Expats Moving or Living Overseas

Expat Financial is a leading source of international health insurance.

This short video provides information on the importance of International Health Insurance and what Expat Financial can offer you from a variety of global health insurance providers. You can obtain a quote and even apply online. Contact us today for further information.

Video Script: 

Hi there! Many Canadians are living, working or retiring abroad. Many are already living the expat life.

For Canadian expats moving overseas, obtaining an international health insurance policy is vital.

While it’s exciting to live in a foreign country, it’s important to think about potential circumstances where you might need international health coverage.

The medical plans offered by Canadian provincial governments will not provide vital coverage for medical expenses for Canadians living or traveling overseas. Provincial government coverage may cease if you are no longer a Canadian resident.

That’s why it’s critical for you to contact Expat Financial to obtain an international health insurance plan that will protect both you and your dependents, both in your new home country as well as globally – including when visiting Canada.

Most international health insurance plans offered via Expat financial are customizable so you can add options such as outpatient care, wellness, dental, vision, evacuation and access to medical treatment in the United States.

Expat Financial, a division of TFG Global Insurance Solutions LTD., is based in Canada and works with Canadians across the globe.

Contact Expat Financial today to discuss your global medical insurance requirements and even obtain a quote and apply online. Group plans are also available for Canadian expat employers.

Remember, Expat Financial is your go-to expatriate insurance specialist.

Thanks for watching, and bye for now!

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