Why International Health Insurance is Important?

This short video provides information on the importance of global health insurance and what Expat Financial can offer you from a variety of global health insurance providers. You can obtain a quote and even apply online. Most expatriates obtain a quote online as there so many options to choose from and then apply by answering just a few short questions. You can often hear back immediately or after a few days from the underwriters.

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Video Script: 

Expats are generally considered as people who live outside their country of citizenship. Many expatriates require both local and global health insurance for themselves and their families while they live overseas. Let’s discuss five reasons why international health insurance so vital for expatriates.

First, you may lose your domestic coverage when you move abroad or that policy won’t cover you for medical expenses outside your country of citizenship.

Secondly, international health insurance can reduce the financial burden you’d have to shoulder if you unexpectedly need to seek medical treatment abroad. Medical costs incurred abroad can be extremely costly, especially in private clinics or hospitals.

Third, many international health insurance plans can cover you and your family’s medical needs in multiple countries. A global health insurance plan would allow you to seek medical care locally, regionally and globally.

Fourth, an international health plan can cover you for medical expenses and treatment back in your country of citizenship as many expats will want to seek treatment back in their country of citizenship.

Finally, you may need an expat health plan that includes optional medical evacuation and repatriation. This is especially important if local health care in your new country is deficient and not able to address your medical needs.

International health insurance plans are flexible and the premiums vary depending on a variety of factors.

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