How to lower your insurance premiums?

Global medical insurance premiums can be a significant expense for expats living overseas. However, there are some ways to lower your premiums while still offering best access to international medical care when you need it most. To learn more, please view Expat Financial blogpost “How to lower your global medical insurance premiums – Five tips for expats“.

The first step to lowering your health insurance may be to obain a quote for global healthcare via our Global Healthcare Quote page.

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When you are moving abroad, one of the most important decisions is obtaining a global medical policy, but many individual expats want to keep their monthly costs down. That is why expatriates around the world contact Expat Financial to obtain a global medical quote. Expat Financial is a division of T.F.G. Global Insurance Solutions L.T.D.

Here are 5 ways expats can lower their global health insurance premiums when purchasing a global medical plan via Expat Financial:

  • Increase your deductible and coinsurance
  • Choose to exclude the United States for medical treatment
  • Pay premiums annually versus monthly
  • Choose a basic level of coverage over the more deluxe option that most insurers offer
  • Leave out plan options such as dental and out-patient care

To learn more, contact Expat Financial to discuss your global medical insurance requirements for you and your family. Expat Financial offers global health plans from large, well-known and respected global insurance companies.