Expat Financial is a leading source of international health insurance.

This short introductory video provides information on the importance of International Health Insurance and what Expat Financial can offer you from a variety of global health insurance providers. You can obtain a quote and even apply online. Contact us today for further information.

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We are living in a global village. More and more people are moving abroad to live, work and retire. Expat medical insurance is a must-have for expatriates who want to have global access to medical care when abroad.

Expat Financial, a division of TFG Global Insurance Solutions Ltd. has become a leader in sourcing international insurance solutions for expatriates around the world.

Expat Financial provides expert and independent advice to individual expatriates and their employers on how to choose the right global medical plan. We offer a variety of expat health plans from several large, secure and well known insurance providers.

Expats can get a quote and even purchase an expat health plan online or request a quote and discuss the individual requirements. From basic to deluxe, Expat Financial is your resource for international health insurance.

Contact Expat Financial today for a quote or to discuss your global health insurance requirements.

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