Obtain important information on the international insurance plans that are offered by Expat Financial to expatriates and some local nationals in China.

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A vast number of people are relocating to China for work, retirement and for living purposes. Expat Financial boasts extensive experience in the sourcing of international health insurance plans from well-known and secure international insurance providers. Expat Financial works with individual expats as well as multinational companies who have employees in China and around the world.

If you want to learn more, please visit our country guide, where expats can source vital information for living in China, inclusive of details on dining, housing, the local health system and the global insurance plans we offer. This is a fantastic resource for people currently residing in, healthcare system in China or planning to relocate to China.

If you are an expat residing in a China, then you can trust Expat Financial to be your one stop resource for:

International Health Insurance

Expat Life & Disability Insurance

Travel Medical Insurance

Evacuation Insurance

AND International Group Insurance Plans.

Simply contact Expat Financial via email or phone to discuss your unique international insurance requirements for residing in China.

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