Obtain important information on the international insurance plans that are offered by Expat Financial to expatriates and some local nationals in the African region.

For International Health Insurance in Africa, check out the global health plans that we offer to expatriates. We can also offer global medical coverage to many local nationals through the Allianz plan we offer online.

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The African region is a vast and emerging economic zone with diverse cultures, exciting people and dynamic economies. As a result, many people are moving to African countries to work and live. Expat Financial has extensive experience in sourcing international insurance plans from well-known and secure international insurance providers. We not only work with individuals, but also multinationals, missionary groups and nongovernmental organizations.

Because the healthcare systems in Africa range from poor to good, most expatriates and short term visitors to African countries will want the option to seek medical treatment both locally and globally.

To learn more, visit the coverage regions guide on expatfinancial.com where you can learn about your destination country, the local health system and see what insurance plans are offered to expatriates and even to some local nationals. It’s a great resource for people currently residing in or planning to move to Africa. Some of the plans we can source are even available to local nationals in Africa.

If you are residing in the African continent, then Expat Financial can be your one stop resource for:

International Health Insurance

Expat Life & Disability Insurance

Travel Medical Insurance

Evacuation Coverage

AND International Group Insurance Plans

Contact Expat Financial by email or phone to discuss your unique international insurance needs and requirements.

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