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Students today have the unique opportunity to travel to other parts of the world for their education.

No matter what you study, or where you go, having International Student Health Insurance is a necessity.

While your College or University may or may not offer basic health insurance, an International Student Health Insurance sourced via Expat Financial can often offer more comprehensive medical coverage.

Expat Financial, division of T.F.G. Global Insurance Solutions L.T.D., is a leading expat insurance specialist firm that can source quotes for students studying abroad.

Some of the plans Expat Financial offers can provide the following benefits:

Coverage when taking time off from studying

Provide global coverage outside your country of study

Coverage for returning home to visit family or friends

And some plans can underwrite pre-existing conditions.

Expat Financial’s International Student Health Insurance providers will provide you with the peace of mind you desperately need while studying abroad.

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