Top 5 Global Health Tips for Expat Families

Are you planning to move abroad with your family? This video tells you the importance of making preparations, including purchasing international medical insurance coverage for you and your family. We also provide important global health tips for expat families. Expat Financial is a leading source of international health insurance via

This short video provides information on the importance of International Health Insurance and what Expat Financial can offer you from a variety of global health insurance providers. You can obtain a quote and even apply online. Contact us today for further information.

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Video Script:

Are you planning to move abroad with your family?

It is obvious that protecting your family’s health is critical for expat parents, from obtaining vaccinations, making sure that your kids get annual checkups, washing hands and other general steps to protect your health abroad.

But everyone is at risk of becoming sick or getting injured.

Plus, the risks can be higher when living abroad depending on the expat destination.

Here are five global health tips and considerations for expat families living overseas:

  1. Obtain pregnancy coverage if you are planning to have more children
  2. Make sure preventative healthcare is included for your expat family
  3. Make sure your expat health plan covers vaccinations
  4. Buy healthcare that covers your expat family globally
  5. Obtain a health plan that includes dental and vision care

Global medical insurance can often seem confusing with lots of insurance terms and factors to consider.

This is why expatriates contact Expat Financial for international health insurance coverage.

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Remember, Expat Financial is your go-to expatriate insurance specialist.

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