An in-depth video describing the importance of international health insurance and what Expat Financial can offer. You can obtain quotes and even apply online via Expat Financial, which offers a variety of global health insurance plans from numerous global medical insurance providers. From basic to deluxe, Expat Financial has become a leading source of international health plans for expatriates. Contact us today for further information on International Health Insurance.

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Video Script: 

If you are intending on living abroad, one of your most important decisions is where to purchase healthcare that will protect your family if you become sick or injured.

Expat Financial is a specialist international insurance resource for expatriates in need of international health insurance. Expat Financial is a division of TFG Global Insurance Solutions Ltd., a global insurance brokerage.

Expat Financial provides expert and independent advice to individual expatriates and their employers on how to choose the right global medical plan. We offer a variety of expat health plans that people can even purchase online. If you are intending on living abroad, one of your most important decisions is where to purchase healthcare that will protect your family if you become sick or injured.

What is international health care?

Expatriate health plans are for people living abroad who need global private health care and are living abroad for at least 12 month or more. If you are going abroad for less than 12 months, then it makes more sense to get a travel medical insurance plan.

What does it provide?

Most plans provide in-patient or what is known as hospital coverage. Then you can add out-patient cover – such as seeing your MD or specialist, drug coverage, x-rays and scans. Some plans offer maternity care after a 12 month waiting period. Evacuation cover is either included or can be added for an extra fee. Some plans will offer optional vision and dental benefits.

What to look for in an expat health care plan?

It is vital that you get an expat health plan from a well-known and respected health insurer which will be there when you need it. If you have a pre-existing medical condition, it is vital that you see if you can have it underwritten and covered. Some plans simply exclude pre-existing conditions.

Global Coverage?

There are two main plans – a plan that covers you global including OR excluding the United States. If you are a US citizen, reside near the USA or want to be able to seek treatment there, then you should make sure you get a plan which covers treatment in the USA. Having cover for the USA will increase your premiums significantly because of the high cost of medical treatment there.


The premiums you pay are dependent on variety of factors: Age, Gender, Country of Residence, Deductible, Coverage Levels, Medical Status and several others.

How do I get more information and apply?

We work with clients around much of the world and offer many plans from different insurance companies. You can get a quote and apply online via or contact us via phone, internet or Skype to discuss your unique needs and we can make a recommendation. We are an international insurance brokerage and we won’t charge you fee as we are compensated by the insurer you choose.

How Do I Apply?

Individual expats can obtain a quote and even purchase online. Most will contact us via email, phone or Skype for a free consultation. We can then email the various plan options and applications after a discussion of your needs. If you are going global or are already living overseas, contact Expat Financial to review your international health insurance requirements.

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