A detailed video from Expat Financial describes the importance of international group insurance for expatriate employers. Expat Financial, a division of TFG Global, can source global benefit programs from several well-known global insurance companies after analyzing your expat benefit needs. You can obtain more information via its web site at: expatfinancial.com/expatriate-group-employee-benefit-plans/. Contact us today for further information.

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Video Script: 

Sending an employee overseas is a huge investment for any organization.

That is why it makes sense to seek out an expatriate insurance specialist firm. Expat Financial is a division of TFG Global Insurance Solutions Ltd. – a global insurance brokerage.

Multinational Companies, Non-Governmental Organizations and even Governments rely upon Expat Financial for expert advice, service and global insurance solutions.

Our firm works with large and respected global insurance companies around the world to source global benefit plans for expatriate employers with employees. Expat Financial can help you meet the challenge of protecting your global workforce, even in high risk regions.

We offer a variety of global plans for expat employers. The international group insurance plans that we can source can offer the following benefits:

International Health Insurance

International Life and Disability Insurance

Group Accidental Death & Dismemberment

Evacuation Plans

Global Dental Insurance

Global Pension & Saving Plans

Business Travel Insurance

International Insurance Consulting

After examining your organization’s current expat benefit plan and requirements, we can search the market for the right solutions to your benefit needs. We will also work with your company at renewal and help resolve any policy issues that may arise. If your firm is going global, contact Expat Financial today.

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