Information about the importance of Special Risk Insurance and what services TFG Global can provide your firm or organization which may be operating in a high risk country. We can source terrorism coverage and war risk insurance for companies which are sending employees to conflict zones. TFG Global Insurance Solutions Ltd. is a leading source of Iraq Insurance and coverage for employees in dangerous regions of the world such as Afghanistan, Somalia and Nigeria.

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Welcome to TFG Global Insurance Solutions Ltd., an international insurance brokerage that is a leading provider of Special Risk Insurance to individuals and companies in high risk zones.

Unfortunately, we live in a troubled world filled with uncertainty, conflict and risk.

Companies are keen on expanding markets in challenging environments and accessing resources in high risk regions that may have unstable governments and ongoing conflicts.

Aid groups, reporters and NGOs need to operate in high risk countries that may be experiencing war, terrorism or a natural disaster.

With more and more companies and individuals operating in high risk zones, it is necessary to obtain insurance plans that will cover war, terrorism, civil strife and other special risks. TFG Global has extensive experience in sourcing coverage for people in high risk countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia. We offer a number of insurance plans from insurers around the world, such as Lloyds of London.

We can source a variety of insurance plans and services for people operating in high risk countries and engaged in hazardous occupations, including:

Accidental Death & Dismemberment

Permanent Disability

Kidnap & Ransom

International Life Insurance

Emergency Medical

Medical & Security Evacuation

Special Risk Insurance Consulting

If your organization or company is operating in a high risk region, then you can rely upon TFG Global to source the right coverage for your needs.

“Global Risks Demand Global Insurance Solutions”

TFG Global offers personal service, support and solutions for your special risk needs.

If your company is operating in a challenging region, contact us today.

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