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Barbados is Inviting Global Nomads During Covid-19 Pandemic

Learn Why People are Considering Moving to Barbados & Other Destinations During the Pandemic

It has been widely reported in the news media that Barbados is putting out the Welcome Stamp or welcome map to current and potential expatriates. For those looking for a place where you can enjoy beautiful beaches, a safe and inviting atmosphere, and a great lifestyle, this may just be the destination for you. Barbados is ideally suited for digital nomads with the island’s favorable tax system and fast and efficient internet. The government is now offering a special visa for global nomads who want to live and work from Barbados.

Why Barbados & Why Now?

With much lower tourism numbers in the Caribbean countries due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, it can probably be assumed that the government of Barbados wanted to attract expatriates to the country to make up for the drop in tourists. The Welcome Stamp seems like a great opportunity for the island and future expats. If you’ve been feeling stuck working from home and in dire need of a change, why not move to Barbados for 12 months? The cosmopolitan island is sunny and, most importantly, safe. If your work is flexible and allows you to set up work remotely, Barbados is opening its doors to global nomads.

Furthermore, it gives you a chance to move from a densely populated urban center to a laid-back country and learn about a new culture. Barbados provides the ultimate lifestyle- safe and healthy outdoor living on a secure tropical island.

Barbados has a secure infrastructure in place, with a stable economy, excellent healthcare facilities, world-class education from nursery to university level. It also has reliable and fast internet connectivity, so you don’t have to lag behind your office work. Our understanding is that the country is quite safe as well.

With the government shutting down country borders due to the coronavirus pandemic, Barbados is opening its borders to expats, digital nomads, and global citizens. The country is confident with the government proactively overseeing its health and safety strategies.

How does the 12 Month Welcome Stamp Work?

If you’re tempted to work remotely in Barbados, you can apply electronically. It’s a simple 3-step process, and once approved, the Barbados 12 Month Welcome Stamp visa is valid for one year. It’s not hard to fall in love with the island country, so when your one year is up, you can reapply after this period.

What is it Like in Barbados for Global Nomads & Digital Nomads?

Living in Barbados is amazing, and even when you’re home away from home, its splendor will keep you inspired. You will enjoy the perfect balmy weather and feel safe no matter where you are on the island. Plus, you will always be close to a beautiful beach! There will always be an abundance of food and party as it is the heart of the Bajan culture. From beach picnics to barbeque with friends, food, and socializing is an integral aspect of living in Barbados.

Not to mention the island offers some dreamy backdrop for your work. From idyllic beaches to tropical landscapes, you will always have a work-life balance. Plus, you will be earning your international salary.

Can Anyone Go to Live in Barbados?

The Barbados remote work visa is open to applicants worldwide. The scheme is proving to be successful in countries like the USA, UK, and Canada. To qualify, individuals must earn a minimum of USD 50,000 per year and must have health insurance in place. Plus, there will also be some national security vetting.

You can live in Barbados with this visa for payment of either USD 2,000 per person or USD 3,000 per family. Once you submit your applications, you will hear within a week whether you’ve been successful.

Another reason why Barbados is great for global nomads is that it already has an active expat community who live there full-time or for part of the year.

What About Healthcare and COVID-19?

Barbados Healthcare System

Barbados healthcare system has a robust structure. The island’s main facility is The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Barbados, known locally as QE. Expats can also seek treatments from a number of polyclinics, public healthcare facilities, and several private clinics.

One important thing to take note of is that the island is requesting people to come with their healthcare plan. As medical treatment is expensive in Barbados, having comprehensive global healthcare will make it easier to access services.

With the pandemic, the country has taken strict measures to curb the virus. There are isolation and quarantine centers on the island where treatment will take place with those with Covid-19 symptoms. Furthermore, people must wear face masks in public and practice social distancing.

Future residents of Barbados can obtain a quote for the Cigna Global Health Options or Allianz international health plans that we offer online – both of which do not exclude COVID-19 as long as you are in good health at the time of application and of course not infected.

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Are you Bringing Your Kids & Where to Stay?

If you have a family, you don’t have to worry about their education. Barbados is known for its high standards in education. Plus, it has a 99% literacy rate. Schools in Barbados will be able to accommodate foreign students aged 18 and under. The education system on this island is modeled on the British system, and at least one school offers International Baccalaureate programs. Furthermore, according to the World Economic Forum, Barbados ranks ninth in the best schooling system.

Under the Barbados Welcome Stamp application, parents who want to enroll their children in a school, must apply for a student visa, pay about USD 152.00, and that the name of the school. Public schools are free in the country, but if you’re a long term visitor, then you will be asked to pay a stipend. On the other hand, private schools charge their fees.

When it comes to accommodation, coastal area homes are popular. Therefore it’s expensive. You have many options to pick from, such as a villa, apartment, hotel, or renting a house.

Barbados for Global Nomads

With glorious weather, affordable accommodation, and a myriad of outdoor activities, Barbados is the ideal place for global nomads. Before packing your bags, ensure you do thorough research, weigh the pros and cons, and get a comprehensive healthcare policy.