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5 Ways for Expats to Enjoy Working from Home

How Global Citizens can enjoy working from home – Effective Strategies

Now that you have probably been working from home for a month during the COVID-19 pandemic, you may have developed a love-hate relationship with your new work situation. Regardless, being stuck at home all day can be frustrating and lonely, especially when Zoom and Slack chats don’t match up to coffee breaks with colleagues. It’s especially tricky if you’re an expat or global citizen working abroad. Fear not, you’re not alone. Most of who are working from home are currently feeling the blues. So how do you beat work from home blues? Here are five ways to beat work from home blues.

Create your home office space

At this point, working from bed might sound ideal, and some might already be on that bandwagon. Unfortunately, it only strips down your productivity level. By creating your own working space, you are not only creating a sense of separation between work and relaxation, but you’re also helping your mind stay alert. Muddling both spaces will not help you in the long run.

Part of staying productive is to ensure your workstation is fit for you. Set up your desk by the window or where you can get plenty of sunlight. Ensure you have a chair that helps you with your posture as well. A lousy chair will only make you feel dull and keep your concentration on your lower back instead of your work. Additionally, keep your desk clutter-free and prepare your workstation the night before. Make walking to your work desk an exciting ritual. You can even leave yourself motivational sticky notes to pump you up in the morning.

beat work from home blues

Getting ready for the day makes a difference

Yes, changing out of your pyjamas counts, and it is the first step to increasing productivity. Change into something more comfortable, and if you are always on Zoom video calls, wear a clean shirt. Make it a point to look presentable (and yes, that means getting up a little earlier).

Furthermore, setting your day right is essential. Sleep early and wake up early, and use that extra hour to do a quick workout, breakfast, and coffee. Plan what you would like to have for breakfast the night before and prep the ingredients so that you can create the excitement to wake up. You can even let the morning fresh, crisp air invigorate your mind- just pop your head outside your window and take a deep breath! The goal is to prepare your mind and body for a productive day, so feel free to create joyful doses that work for you.

Working from Home

Use your breaks to get the creative juices flowing

Shake things up a little when it’s time to take a break. Another way to beat work from home blues is to make every break time count. You can do a five-minute painting session, meditate, go out for a walk, exercise (how about breaking a sweat with Tabata for a change?), or even have a dance party (even better if you have kids and partner). It doesn’t only give you a boost of adrenaline and joy, but it also allows you to spend time with your family in a fun way. The best way is to set a time in the day where the entire family can look forward to a five-minute dance party. It is also a great way to beat depression!

Remember to be gentle with yourself.

Another way to beat from work home blues is to understand that some days will be harder, and that’s OKAY. If you’re a parent working from home, you would have more responsibility now that you have to manage work and kids at the same time. And if it’s your first time taking up such a feat, don’t push yourself to accomplish more than you would usually do. Adapting to change is a process, and it is essential to take it one step at a time.

Similarly, be open to your supervisor or manager if you are taking care of your children at home. It will help alleviate stress and create an understanding between you and your team. Most of the time, they are open to adjusting. That also means you should be free to adjusting and take breaks when you need them. It will also lead to a conducive work environment.

beat work from home blues

Evaluate your emotions

This pandemic has gotten most of us in the slumps, from worrying about our elderly family members and taking high alert precautions on day-to-day activities. The rapidly changing time has most of us in anxiety, stress, and even grief. There’s a lot to process in terms of how we are feeling. Make a mental note on not compare your pain with others. People use comparisons to determine whether they should allow or deny themselves to feel. You shouldn’t compare yourself with anyone else period.

But if you do find yourself feeling upset (it is only natural) or anything negative, take a moment to acknowledge it. One way to beat this work from home blues is to write down how you’re feeling. It is helpful, especially if you’re unable to take a moment for yourself. Writing things down and coming back later to it helps you evaluate how you’re feeling daily. There’s no right way to assess how you’re feeling, and there’s no right way to feel. Times are tough, and practicing gratefulness is a good step.

In conclusion

As global citizens, remember to take care of your health and wellbeing, especially if you’re working abroad. Give priority to a work/life balance, and that means plugging out once you’re clocked out. With the global crisis clouding us, it is essential to get proper global health insurance. For expat employers with their workforce currently working from their home, it is still vital that they have their new remote workers well covered by a global mobility insurance policy. If you are working on a contract basis abroad, then you should also consider a global health policy.