David Tompkins

Interview of David Tompkins by Israel National Radio – Expat Insurance

David Tompkins, the President of TFG Global Insurance Solutions Ltd. which owns and operates Expat Financial, was interviewed by Douglas Goldstein on July 2012 on Arutz Sheva, the  Israel National Radio business show Goldstein on Gelt. The interview has been recently been posted to Youtube and you can listen and even view the interview online by clicking HERE.

David Tompkins spoke to Doug about insurance for expats currently living in other countries. “Goldstein on Gelt” is a global investment and financial planning radio show designed to educate and entertain its listeners with financial strategies and great investment tips.



David Tompkins remarked “that it was an honour to be interviewed by Douglas on Isreal National Radio. I hope that expatriates found the topic interesting and were able to learn more about expat health insurance and international life and disability insurance.”