Expat Job Hunting Tips for Expats

If you have always wanted to work abroad, there are several things you can do formulate an international job search that works for you. This seems a daunting task at the very beginning when you are not sure about the culture, the local language and lack of support network. The Expat resource centre offer excellent information for expats and their life overseas. For expat families with children, they probably need some time for the children to transition into new country, new educational environment and challenges. The most important thing comes to priorities for your expat assignment abroad.

Prepare CV and Research the Job Market Before You Take that Expat Assignment

We have created an essential and helpful expat city guide – Expat Financial with healthcare information for expatriates thinking of moving abroad or already relocated. It is important to evaluate what skills and experiences are valued in the job market in your desired country. Do enough research on topics such as language, diploma recognition, and start taking action to build momentum before you leave. Fully prepared in advance will lead you fulfill your self-expectations and career goals. Nowadays, many international jobs require skills that can be learned using internet devices. This is a good way to prepare yourself  before relocation.

Rewrite you CV and make sure that the local market accept the format. Highlight your past career history. Start placing your CV on all jobs that you are interested in, so that potential employers may find you.

Employment Tips for Expats

Ensure that You Have Work Permits or Visa Prepared

Some countries may require specific work permits or visa when accepting expat employees. Try to get as much information as possible regarding the application procedure, processing time and ways to receive it. Some countries may take longer time in dealing with these applications. So it is always better to plan ahead, together with your job search, to make sure that you can receive the required work permit or visa at the right time. You may want to also check out the Visa requirement for US citizens.

Break the Ice

Go to employment resource centre and ask questions about the employment opportunities. Enrolling in a class or club can meet more people and have conversations including employment – related topics. Explore any government funded career counsellors, workshops, events, and programs. Volunteering is another way to make connections and gaining new skills. If you experience uncertainty about what your next steps would be, just start by taking small actions like seek out people and have conversations.

Don’t Forget Global Medical Cover for You and Your Family

International health insurance cover is an necessity and should be your top considerations when searching oversea job opportunities. The majority of countries around the world do not provide expats with free medical care. And many expat employers do not offer group benefit coverage and will ask you to obtain your own coverage. Even if you have local medical plan, you are not covered when you are outside the country of citizenship. In addition, the local coverage and healthcare system in your desired country may not be very good. So expats working abroad will need to get individual medical plan. You can also check with your employer to see if reimbursement available.

Employment tips for Expats

Expat Financial offers a wide range of expatriate health insurance plans designed specifically for any expatriates of any nationality around much of the world. Our expat health insurance plans can also cover local nationals where conditions permit. It is crucial for every expat family to take the necessary action to ensure that their spouse and children’s health and well-being are protected and provided for via an appropriate level of expat insurance.

If you have questions about our international medical insurance plans or you want to discuss your needs and produce a customized evacuation quote, please contact us or complete the quote form.