Retiring Abroad

Learn About Retiring Abroad – Advice for Future & Current Expatriates

Have you ever dreamed of living abroad, but career and life got in the way. Living abroad is not just a pipe dream for those who getting near to retirement age or even earlier.  More and more people are thinking about retiring overseas. It is no longer out of reach for many people who are thinking about living overseas for their retirement years. With careful planning and consideration, retiring abroad is readily available for anyone wanting to embark on their next adventure!

Why to Retire Abroad?

There are several different reasons and advantages as to why retiring abroad may be appealing to you. Whether you didn’t travel as much as you would have hoped in your younger years, or simply hoping to spend your golden years in the sun, retiring abroad has been on the rise for retirees in terms of popularity.

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What You Should Think About Before Retiring Abroad?

As you near the age of retirement and the concept of moving abroad for retirement becomes attainable, there are several things in which you should consider before the big relocation. A few questions to consider before moving abroad are:

  1. Ask yourself if retiring abroad is the right decision for you; are you comfortable being further away from family, friends and old home
  2. Where in the world would be best for you? Do you prefer heat, culture, adventure?
  3. Obtain a global health care coverage plan before you leave

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Health Insurance Tips for Retiring Abroad

Retiring abroad is a huge decision and should not be taken lightly. Although the information accessible may seem overwhelming, we have several tips that will aid in understanding the big decisions.  One major consideration to remember is that retiring abroad should not be contemplated unless you have access to excellent healthcare while you live abroad. A medical expense incurred without proper coverage can be financially devastating.

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Retire Abroad Checklist for Expats

Deciding to retire abroad is a big decision, and will require careful planning before taking off. Every person will have different priority levels for their personal checklists before they move abroad; however, it is very important to understand which things are of high importance for anyone moving away to ensure they have a successful and safe move. A few key things to consider are:

  1. Health
  2. Finances
  3. Access
  4. Security
  5. Community

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Best Countries for Retiring Abroad

There really isn’t one country or region that can truly be named the best country to retire in as every nation and expatriate is different. Every country will have advantages and disadvantages from a tax, legal, economic, lifestyle standpoint. We have tried to list a few countries in each region that are favourites for expatriates looking to retire overseas.

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  1. Asia
  2. Caribbean
  3. Central America
  4. Europe
  5. South America