expat safe abroad

Stories of expat missing or attacks targeting, even kidnapping expat children have taken place rather frequently. These incidents make international headlines. Nowadays, more and more companies are going global. This partly explains why risk abroad is increasing. As the amount of expat workers and families who travel or live abroad has expanded,  they are more exposed to health and safety risks.  Living and working abroad may face extraordinary challenges, especially in developing countries where there is not enough medical infrastructure, not enough support system, etc.  Crime threat and political violence in certain areas also lead to safety concerns. Even in developed countries, we are seeing unpredictable crime against foreigners. More than ever, employers and individual expat families must pay close attention to health and safety issues.

Identify Risks 

All expats and business travellers may expose to both health and safety risks. Expats and companies should check medical and political risk areas before they go.

Health Risks 

  • Low amount or low quality of local medical facilities;
  • Virus, infectious diseases, or epidemic diseases in specific areas;
  • Medication shortage;
  • Disinfection equipment.

Safety Risks 

  • Terrorism;
  • War risk;
  • Crime in conflict zones;
  • Piracy at sea.
Why Are They Targeting Expats?

It is hard to explain why sometimes expats are easily being attacks targets overseas. Increased potential danger could be due to:

  • Expat’s nationality;
  • Expat’s behavior;
  • For expats who are working on an international assignment, their position and the company’s name could rise attacks in the country.

How To Keep Healthy and Safe

  • Before moving abroad, follow medical check-ups and vaccination examination;
  • Research and read safety guides of destination countries, especially those risk areas;
  • When looking for accommodation, consider neighbourhood security;
  • Set strict travel rules, such as compulsory use of specific taxi cabs, etc.;

Bring Global Medical Coverage Wherever You Are

Despite of all the preventive method, an incident might still occur. International health insurance cover is an necessity and should be your top considerations. Expat Financial offers a wide range of expatriate health insurance plans designed specifically for any expatriates of any nationality around much of the world. Also, Expat Financial can also source special risk plans that include war and terrorism insurance while providing professional, prompt and focused service to all expats. It is crucial for every expat family to take the necessary action to ensure that their spouse and children’s health and well-being are protected and provided for via an appropriate level of expat insurance.

If you have questions about our international medical insurance plans or you want to discuss your needs and produce a customized evacuation quote, please contact us or complete the quote form.