Obtain an Expat Insurance Assessment

More and more people are becoming expatriates and traveling the globe for extended stays. Many are taking offshore work assignments or retiring overseas. Healthcare is one of the most important considerations for expatriates and their families. Due to the fact that the standards of medical care differ significantly between counties, you and your family will need to obtain adequate insurance protection for both emergencies and routine medical costs. In this article we will introduce several types of expat insurance coverage to help avoid any financial hardships. Please contact us and obtain an expat insurance assessment and have adequate protection before departure.

Types of cover required for expats

  • Global Health Insurance 

As a foreign national, you and your family are not covered by medical treatment overseas. Obtaining an appropriate global health insurance plan will not only protect you from health risks, but also will provide you peace of mind. Besides, the cost of medical treatment can be quite costly in many countries. Global health insurance plan will help you avoid financial risk while living overseas. Most expat health plans will provide a base level of hospital coverage with the ability to add out-patient care for doctors visits, scans and prescriptions. You can also add wellness care, dental and vision. If you reside in a country with limited medical services, you should make sure your plan includes medical evacuation and repatriation. If you or your family member has a pre-existing medical conditions, it make sense to try to get it covered through medical underwriting. Finally, if you or your spouse are planning to become pregnant, make sure the medical plan covers maternity expenses after the customary 12 month waiting period.

  • International Life Insurance 

International life insurance is absolutely the right protection to maintain the living standard for your family in the event of your unexpected death. You can tailor an international life insurance plan by choosing how much cover you need and policy duration at any time.

  • International Emergency Evacuation

Emergency evacuation is a critical part of any global medical coverage, especially if relocating in a region with lower standard of medical services compared to western. However, medical evacuation coverage may be required even in highly developed countries. Most international health insurance plans will provide emergency evacuation and repatriation as an option.

  • Terrorism and War Risk Insurance 

Working and living abroad in any profession can be dangerous in high risk countries such as Nigeria or Iraq. War, Terrorism, Kidnap and Ransom Insurance are important to have in such high risk regions. Unfortunately, terrorism related events have been increasing lately in both “safe” countries and more typically riskier regions. Whether you are an independent individual or belong to an embassy, a company or a Non-Government Organization (NGO), it is vital to have coverage and be prepared for all possibilities.

Expat Financial Global Coverage 

Whether you are living or working abroad, or planning to, Expat Financial is your trustworthy brokerage with proven expertise in financial and insurance services area. We have extensive experience in working with individual expats to assess their global insurance needs.  Expat Financial offers several different international health insurance plans for expatriates of any nationality across the world that will help provide you with peace of mind during your stay overseas. We also offer excellent service before and after you purchase your international health insurance plan. If you have special questions about our current or upcoming overseas assignment or wish to complete an expat insurance assessment, please contact us or complete the quote form.