buy International Health Insurance

How does one buy international health insurance?

We often get asked – how do I buy international health insurance? This page will give you the step by step instructions on how to obtain a quote and purchase international health insurance. More and more people are planning to live overseas or are already working or have already relocated abroad for work, retirement or extended travel. Emergency and chronic medical expenses can be extremely expensive and local medical care and insurance may be unavailable or not meet your needs. That is why expatriates turn to Expat Financial for international health insurance coverage from large and respected insurance providers.

Here are five steps that you need to undertake when purchasing international health coverage:

Step 1: Determine your international health insurance needs – do you need coverage for more than one year? Do you need outpatient care? Access to US treatment? There are lots of questions to ask.

Step 2: Pick the right global health plan – contact us to assist you in discussing your needs.

Step 3: Obtain a quote for one of the international health plans offered by Expat Financial

Step 4: Choose the options and deductible levels offered by the insurance company – there are so many options to choose from, so we recommend you get a quote online from one of our premier insurance providers.

Step 5: Click on the premium or apply now button and provide full medical evidence to the underwriters

Step 6: Review the underwriting response from the insurance company and either accept or decline the offer. If you are declined, contact us so we can re-approach the underwriters on your behalf try to find another solution

Step 7: Pay your premium if approved by the insurance company. Remember it is the insured person’s responsibility to pay the premiums on time. Some expats like to pay monthly because of the lower cost and convenience, but paying annually can often save you 10% on your premium costs. Most insurers will allow you to pay by check, credit card or wire. Note that some providers can’t cover expats in certain countries.

Final Premiums

Note that final premiums and coverage are subject to underwriter approval and medical evidence. Many people get approved immediately while some will have exclusions or an extra premium rating. If you are declined, we can sometimes get a positive decision from another provider. If you are an expat employer in need of coverage for just one expat employee, we can assist. If you have a group, we can help your firm secure a group expat benefit plan.

Working with An Expat Insurance Specialist

As expat insurance specialists, we would love to discuss your unique global health insurance requirements, explain the plan options, send you a quote and assist you through the application process. There are no extra costs purchasing the various insurance plans through our firm – the rates, service, and coverages are the same regardless. You get our added service and we are there to provide advice and be your advocate.