Moving abroad consider health insurance

What to Consider When Moving Abroad?

Moving abroad to work and life can be a huge decision for both you and your family. A move abroad involves a lot of advance preparation and planning-such as where to live, transport, where to educate your children, getting help, language training etc… It can all be quite daunting, especially if you have never worked abroad or are receiving little help from your employer.

Guide on Moving Abroad:

One of the most significant challenges for an expatriate is obtaining the right international health insurance policy. Obtaining a global health plan is usually on the top of your to-do list. It is important to know that the health of you and your family is protected as this will provide a high level of comfort and peace of mind. Expat Financial has long been recognized as a critical source of international health plans for individual expatriates and their employers. Expat Financial, which is a division of TFG Global Insurance Solutions Ltd., offers global medical plans from a variety of insurance providers who can cover expatriates and their family members.

An international health policy can be a complex policy to purchase, but Expat Financial is here to help you find the right product to suit your needs and budget. With a large number of global medical plans – from basic to deluxe – from several large and well-known insurers, we are sure to have a plan that will meet your requirements. Expat Financial even offers health plans that can be quoted and purchased via the internet.

If your employer has three or more expatriate employees, the HR director can contact us for an international benefit program that not only provides global medical care but life, disability, dental and evacuation insurance. The savings from having a group plan can be significant. Also, a group plan can often automatically cover an employee’s pre-existing medical conditions.

In addition to insurance products, our firm can refer you to international firms which can help you with cultural training, relocation and tax preparation. Check out our Links page for more information. Expat Financial can also source global life and disability programs for many expatriates in most parts of the world.

If you are going global, make sure you put contacting Expat Financial for international health insurance at the top of your list.