Mexico has become a popular choice for expat retirees

Many expats choose to travel to Mexico for vacations. According to some reports, there are approximately one million Americans live in Mexico. Some of them are working. Others are retiring to Mexico to enjoy their retirement years. Nowadays, Mexico has become a new popular choice for expat retirees. Choosing to retire abroad is a daunting and exciting decision and there are many reasons why Mexico is an excellent choice.

Why Mexico?

Mexico is a Spanish speaking country that contains many cultures and diverse regions. Mexico relies heavily on tourism, manufacturing and mining for its revenues. The reason why many retirees choose to move to Mexico is because of its wonderful weather, lower overall cost of living, culture and a more relaxed lifestyle. Some of the most popular destinations for expat retirees are: Lake Chapala, Puerto Vallarta, San Miguel de Allende & Cancun. They all have beautiful architecture, affordable cost of living, best weather, and supportive community provides all manner of support to expat retirees – local golf courses and yoga classes.

Healthcare in Mexico 

Many medical facilities in Mexico are quite good, which is another important part of consideration for expat retirees before a move. Most of the doctors and dentist in Mexico received training in the U.S. Every medium and large city in Mexico has at least one high end private hospital. The medical costs in Mexico is generally half or less what you might need to pay in the U.S. The same for prescription drugs. However, expats will most likely want to obtain medical care in the U.S. for any serious medical conditions.

Housing in Mexico 

According to many reports, housing in Mexico is generally affordable to most of the expat retirees. The cost of monthly rent for 900 Sq foot furnished accommodation in an expensive area is about $1,110 USD. This amount will reduce to $643 if living in a more basic area depending on the region.

For properties available to buy, the price can be purchased for as little as $130,000 USD. depending on size and budget.

Cost of Living

Cost of living in Mexico is almost 51% lower than in Canada and U.S., according to reports. Local groceries are relatively cheap to purchase and the quality can be extremely good. A three course meal for 2 people in a mid – range restaurant will cost around $21 USD. With the Mexican peso having fallen against the US dollars in the last couple of years, it is even cheaper.

International Health Insurance in Mexico 

In Mexico, most expatriates will want to obtain an international health insurance plan that will cover medical treatment in Mexico, but also globally including the United States. Expats should make sure that their plan includes medical evacuation and repatriation coverageExpat Financial can source international health insurance for expatriates in Mexico from large and respected international insurance companies. Please contact us today for a quote and to discuss your Mexican expatriate  insurance requirements.