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When you are planning to live abroad or you are already a global nomad, it is vital that you have some resources available to you and your family. Our website has created countless articles on living abroad and the importance of international medical insurance and expat life and disability coverage, but we have so much more. We have put below a list of some of the primary resources that we offer to expatriates, but also some external resources as well.

Note that living abroad as a global nomad does come with a lot of challenges and rewards.

Internal Resources for Future and Current Expatriates

Top Resources for Future Global Citizens

Whether you are planning to move abroad next week or in a few years, it makes sense to plan and search out resources that can assist you in your short or long-term trip abroad. This is vital for expat workers, digital nomads and retirees. We have put together some external sources of information for expats and global nomads:

  • Government Websites: Government websites in your destination country or your home nation are indispensable for obtaining accurate and up-to-date information on immigration and visa applications, residency permits, and legal requirements. Many expats also turn to consulates, and embassies can also offer personalized assistance. The UK government offers some great advice for all nationalities via their website.
  • Global Job Search Sites: Websites such as LinkedIn, Indeed, and Glassdoor feature job listings from multinational companies and organizations worldwide. Global citizens can tailor their search filters to their desired location and industry to explore employment opportunities abroad.
  • Networking Events and Meetup Groups: Most expats know that networking with fellow expatriates and especially locals can help build an international support system. You might also make new friends and access job opportunities. Lots of expats use sites such as to facilitate expat destination connections with diverse groups based on shared interests, hobbies, and professions.
  • Expat Blogs: Well, of course, you need to check out one of the numerous expat blogs out there and videos on YouTube as well.  Bloggers and vloggers often share practical tips, cultural observations, and real-world personal anecdotes that can help you prepare for the realities of expatriate life. One such blog is
  • Relocation Companies: There are some great relocation firms that specialize in assisting companies, individuals and families with every aspect of moving abroad. They often have the latest information on visa applications, finding accommodation, shipping belongings, and navigating cultural differences. Relocation companies are experts at streamlining the relocation process and alleviating logistical challenges.
  • Your Employer – It would be remise to exclude your expat employer if you are moving abroad as an expat. They should provide you with all the necessary information to make your move abroad successful. They can also offer expat tax services as well.

By leveraging the diverse range of resources available, future and current global citizens can navigate the complexities of relocating to a new country with confidence and ease.

External Resources for Expatriates

Here is an assortment of resources that will help the expatriate and even the average local citizen: