Hospitals in Sri Lanka

Learn about the Hospitals for Travelers and Expats in Sri Lanka

A list of countries in Asia with pristine sandy beaches, lush green hills, and mesmerizing wildlife is never complete if Sri Lanka doesn’t feature in it. This incredibly beautiful island nation is increasingly becoming a popular tourist spot. Many digital nomads and international citizens come here to get away from their bustling city lives and unwind in Sri Lanka. Furthermore, the Sri Lanka healthcare system is top-notch and is accessible for free by anyone living across the country, including expats. People from all around the world travel to Sri Lanka, especially to benefit from their specialized treatment services. Here’s what you need to know about the hospitals in Sri Lanka for global citizens and expats.

Do Doctors Speak English in Sri Lanka?

Doctors across all major hospitals in Sri Lanka can speak English. Many doctors who currently work at hospitals across the country have graduated with medical degrees from western universities. Hence, making it easier for expats and visitors to interact with them in English. However, in other hospitals and clinics, you may find it challenging to strike a conversation if you can’t speak even a few useful words in Tamil or Sinhalese. If you insist on talking to a doctor who can speak in English, you can seek advice or recommendation from the hotel staff.

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Finding the Right Doctor at a Hospital in Sri Lanka

The best sources for such information are the embassies and consulates based in the country. Expats can also trust reviews left by fellow expats living or having lived in the country at some time. On the other hand, if you are visiting for physician consultation, you must make an appointment first. However, this mostly applies to government doctors only; private doctors and specialists can be approached directly without an appointment.

Type of Hospitals in Sri Lanka

Despite being competent and universally applicable, Sri Lanka’s healthcare system, at times, struggles due to the shortage of sufficient funds. Regardless, the country has yet managed to deliver prompt curative and preventive therapy to the public.

As of today, there are more than 500 government hospitals based across Sri Lanka. In addition to that, hundreds of private hospitals and nursing homes also operate. They play an essential role in sustaining the quality and standard of the healthcare system in Sri Lanka.

The Difference between Public and Private Hospitals in Sri Lanka

There is a large number of government hospitals operational all across Sri Lanka. The Ministry of Health manages these hospitals. Besides, these hospitals have always emphasized on making optimum healthcare available to all for free. Hence, you can find affordable and free health assistance at almost every public hospital in Sri Lanka. However, the quality of care is not among the best in the world.

Private hospitals, on the other hand, are equipped with much-advanced equipment and facilities. Their standards of treatment are much higher than government hospitals, and so are their charges that may sound a bit too steep to the residents. However, expats can easily find out that despite being costly by global standards, private hospitals offer a similar level of healthcare assistance as many European hospitals, and yet charge about a fifth or lesser of the western healthcare costs.

Is Medical Care in Sri Lanka Free?

The Sri Lankan government has always emphasized the need to make proper healthcare accessible to everyone living in the country. Therefore, tourists, migrants, and even expats can visit a government hospital and obtain medical assistance for free.

How Much Does a Hospital Visit Cost in Sri Lanka

In addition to that, treatment for most known ailments at public facilities is free of cost for everyone. However, there’s a specific fee charged for the treatment of critical illnesses and conditions, or when obtaining treatment at private hospitals of the country. While private hospitals offer top-quality treatment, the charges there are a fraction of those payable at western hospitals.

Finding a Suitable Hospital in Sri Lanka

Expats often turn towards private hospitals since these facilities are equipped with the latest equipment and have a much more sophisticated staff and personnel. The queues over there are non-existent, which means expats don’t have to wait at all to obtain treatment. Private hospitals in Sri Lanka also charge a fraction of the fees of western hospitals. But, by purchasing a comprehensive international health insurance plan, you’re covered globally. It is also vital to ensure medical evacuation is included in your policy.

Top-Ranked Hospitals in Sri Lanka

Lanka Hospitals

578 Elvitigala Mawatha, Colombo

+94 115 430 000

National Hospital of Sri Lanka

Base Hospital – Homagama, Colombo

+94 112 691 111

Durdans Hospital

3 Alfred Pl, Colombo

+94 112 140 000

Nawaloka Hospitals PLC

Deshamanya, 23 H K Dharmadasa Mawatha

+94 115 577 111

Nawaloka Hospital Specialist Centre

78 Sir James Peiris Mawatha, Colombo 02

+94 115 577 111

Epilepsy Unit, The National Hospital of Sri Lanka

EW, Colombo

+94 112 691 111

Asiri Central Hospital – Central Hospital Limited

114 Norris Canal Rd, Colombo

+94 114 665 500

National Hospital of Sri Lanka ( NHSL )


+94 112 691 111

Asiri Medical Hospital

181 Bernard Soysa Mawatha, Colombo

+94 114 523 300

Asiri Surgical Hospital

21 Kirimandala Mawatha, Colombo

+94 114 524 400

The hospitals listed above are the best in the country. Yet, it would be a wise call to purchase international health insurance that provides the best coverage, especially during medical emergencies. Expat Financial can guide you in choosing the one that best suits your lifestyle and budget.

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