Mexico is one of the most popular destination spots for expatriates and visitors. With constant sunshine and beautiful ocean fronts, its a wonderful country to relocate. However, it is important to understand that the standard of care throughout Mexico is not standardized, and for more complicated procedures we recommend attending a hospital in a major city.

Hospitals in Mexico

Nonetheless, there are plenty of hospitals and clinics throughout the entire country that are recognized with an appropriate standard of care for international hospitals. We have provided an introductory list of hospitals and clinics in Mexico, organized by major cities, to facilitate your search in finding appropriate care. Please note that there are many more hospitals and clinics in Mexico, and this is simply a guideline to aid the process in finding appropriate medical care in the country.


Hospitals Amerimed

Av. Tulum Sur, #260, Cancun

phone: +52-998-881-3400


Hospital General de México

Dr. Balmis 148, Cuauhtémoc

Phone: +52 55 -2789-2000

Hospital Trinidad

Calle Manzanillo #94, Cuauhtémoc

Phone: + 52-55-1085-2760

Star medica

Periférico de la Juventud, Chihuahua


Hospital Angeles Del Carmen

Tarasco nr.3435 Frac. Monraz, Guadalajara


Hospital MAC

Hidalgo, Guadalajara

Phone: +52-333-825-4365

Hospital Terranova

Avenida Terraniva 556, Guadalajara


Hospital Angeles Ciudad Juarez

Av. Campos Eliseos 9371 Col. Fraccionamiento

Phone: +52-1-656-227-1400

Star Medica Ciudad

Paseo de la Victoria 4370, Juárez

Phone: +52-656-227-5700

Mexico City

ASMED Cirugia Ambulatoria

Calzada Del Hueso 45, Mexico City


Centro Medico ABC – Campus Observatorio

Sur 136 #116 Col Las AMericas Alvaro Obregon

Phone: +52-555-230-8000

Hospital Angeles México

Agrarismo #208 Col. Escandón, México City

Phone: +52-555-516-9900

Puerto Vallarta

Hospital San Javier Marina S.A. de C.V.

Blvd. Francisco Medina Ascencio 2760 Zona Hotelera Norte, Puerto Vallarta

Phone: +52-322-226-1010

Hospital San Javier Nuevo Vallarta

Paseo de Los Cocoteros #55, Puerto Vallarta

Phone: +52-32-2226-1010


Ángeles Group Hospital

Av. Paseo de los Héroes #10999, Tijuana

Phone: +63-32-272-2020

We have put together a listing of the major hospitals and clinics by region for expatriates and international travellers. Note that we do not list all the hospitals and doctors that are available to expats, just a listing of up to five hospitals per country. In some countries where there are simply hundreds or thousands of hospitals and clinics, we will refer you to your international health insurance provider, embassy list or recommend a Google search.

Note that we do not recommend or vouch for these medical clinics or hospitals, but are only providing a partial list of a few key medical centres that we have gathered to assist people living abroad. We strongly recommend that everyone follow their doctor’s advice and not delay obtaining medical assistance.

Obtain a quote online for international health coverage if you live in Mexico or are already there.