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The North American region is home to 3 different countries. Each of these countries has its own unique healthcare system, and therefore we advise obtaining healthcare coverage while being in one of these North American countries. Due to the vast size of each country, we have created individual lists of international hospitals in North America for each country. If you find yourself requiring medical assistance, here is an introductory list of available hospitals and clinics. There are far more hospitals and clinics available, this is simply a starting guideline to aid you in your search.

International Hospitals in North America


The Canadian healthcare system is well above average in comparison to most countries. Most hospitals in Canada are government regulated and operated – meaning they have a standardized level of care expectations in each facility, as well as a regulation system for the cost of care. The difficulty with the Canadian Health care system is that it is independent by province, meaning that there is not a nation-wide health care system in place, which can make obtaining health care as an expatriate more complicated. For this reason, we strongly advise that you obtain international health insurance coverage for your stay in Canada. Click here to view our Canadian international list of hospitals.


The Mexican healthcare system is relatively well-established throughout the entire country. Regardless of your location in the country, Mexico has many private and publicly funded hospitals in which expats can utilize. Unlike its northern neighbour, you are able to receive excellent healthcare at a fraction of the cost to American hospitals. However, in order to receive the best care, it is strongly advised that you obtain medical health care coverage in order to avoid unexpected costs when in need of medical care. Click here to view our Mexican international list of hospitals.

United States of America

The American healthcare system is a complex system in comparison to other countries. As the majority of American hospitals are privately owned, there is little governmental control for the cost of medical care. This can cause standard check-ups, as well as more complex procedures to be very costly. For this reason, obtaining medical coverage is very important if you intend to be spending time in the United States. Click here to view our American international list of hospitals.