Hospitals in Bangladesh

Learn About the Hospitals for Travelers and Expats in Bangladesh

When traveling to Bangladesh, it is vital for global citizens, expats, and digital nomads to understand how the hospital systems work. It will help you to access the right hospital during a medical emergency. Here’s what you have to know about hospitals in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh has many top-notch hospitals that provide citizens with current diagnoses and therapies. The Bangladeshi constitution grants all citizens access to essential healthcare services, and it is available in the larger towns. However, in rural areas, there are minimal healthcare services available, if at all. Dhaka has many clinics and private doctors that can serve the everyday needs of a foreign visitor in the country.

Data from the Centre for Research and Information (CRI) in Dhaka lists over 600 hospitals in the country comprising 482 basic facility hospitals at lower levels, 65 subsidiary hospitals at the district level, 15 medical and dental college hospitals, and centers of expertise such as ENT, contagious diseases and leprosy hospitals.

Finding the Right Doctor at a Hospital in Bangladesh

There are many hurdles in the way of quality healthcare in Bangladesh. Many specialized doctors work in big cities for better remuneration. Hospitals in cities have superior facilities and equipment. In Bangladesh, a few households have family physicians. Nevertheless, the country still needs more family doctors with a proper referral system.

Hospitals in Bangladesh

Dhaka has two highly sophisticated hospitals, the United and the Apollo. Usually, expats in Bangladesh can register under either one, and both are commendable in terms of the services they provide.

Public and Private Hospitals in Bangladesh

Compared to public hospital patients, private hospital patients have higher average direct costs. Conversely, the average indirect costs for public hospital patients surpass those for private hospital patients. The overall cost of outpatients is more in public hospitals than in private hospitals, and this is independent of the patient’s income, gender, age, or illness.

Direct treatment expenses for illness are more across all departments of a public hospital than in a private hospital except for cases of surgery, gynecology, and orthopedics. Even the indirect treatment expenses for illness are more for public hospital patients than for private hospital patients, except for the amount charged by medicine, orthopedics, and rheumatology departments.

Public hospitals provide a substandard quality of medical care as compared to private hospitals. It is because public hospitals lag when it comes to providing the best healthcare services. Hence, public hospital patients who aren’t financially sound are unable to obtain quality treatment, which private hospital patients easily can.

Is Medical Care Free in Bangladesh?

We can assess financial equality by comparing payments towards healthcare with the patient’s ability to pay. Unfortunately, there is a high out-of-pocket payment on the rise. In return, excessive out-of-pocket payments directly impact families’ living conditions. Considering the current situation, the government must find ways to reasonably reduce the financial burden and reform its health systems financing scheme.

Finding the Right Hospital in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, a combination of hospitals, clinics, and specialist centers provides medical care. At the lowest management level, which is the Ward, the Bangladeshi government is heading towards setting up a community clinic. On the other hand, a few unions in the rural health centers and family health centers support the provisions.

Every sub-district and larger district hospitals at the district center have a 31 to 50-bed occupancy capacity. At times, these hospitals work with a medical college hospital and a general hospital. In fact, every division capital has a minimum of one general hospital and a medical college hospital. These government facilities run parallel to numerous private establishments. Furthermore, every facility has its costs defined, based on the quality of healthcare offered and needed.

Top-Ranked Private Hospitals in Bangladesh

Bangladesh has many world-class hospitals. Here are the five top hospitals in Bangladesh:

1. Square Hospital

Situated in the heart of Dhaka, this hospital caters to numerous local as well as outstation patients efficiently. This hospital has all modern yet cost-effective services. Most technologically advanced machines are provided at short notice along with qualified staff to operate them and tend to patients. It makes it easy for the common man to get diagnosed and treated well too.

2. Apollo Hospital

It is part of the chain of the internationally-known Apollo group of hospitals in Dhaka. This hospital has an occupancy of 450 beds and provides healthcare in many areas.

Similarly, due to its popularity, more and more people from the adjoining urban and rural areas come here to access quality medical care and contemporary facilities. Furthermore, foreign nationals and travelers also prefer this hospital for medical treatment.

3. Labaid Hospital

This hospital belongs to the chain of prominent hospitals managed by the Labaid Group, which is instrumental in bringing about a turning point in cardiac care in Bangladesh. Located in Dhaka, this hospital is equipped with specialized facilities for different ailments.

4. Ibn Sina Hospital

Established in 1983, this hospital has provisions for medical treatment in many areas, offering top-of-the-line facilities. In fact, the highlight of this hospital is its quality service that is popular even across the country’s borders. Moreover, it is equipped with all installations and expertise to treat patients.

5. Popular Hospital

This hospital is affiliated to the “Popular Medical College” in Dhaka. It has a dedicated therapy center as well as a world-class lab. True to its name, this hospital is the choice of the masses and is equipped to provide quality treatment to several patients in the best possible way. Besides, it focuses on both curing diseases and promoting well-being.

The hospitals mentioned above are considered to be the best in the country; however, it would be wise to opt and purchase international health insurance that will provide adequate coverage, especially during medical emergencies. Expat Financial can guide you in choosing one that best suits your lifestyle and budget.