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Five Countries for Teaching English Abroad

With the ever-growing desire to move abroad, many people are moving towards the idea of teaching English abroad. With a strong understanding of the English language and a high demand for people wanting to learn English, the opportunities for teaching English abroad are on the rise. Read about the top 5 recommended countries to teach abroad in order to help you determine where your next adventure is.


salaries on the rise

most opportunities as the demand for teachers outnumbers the number of teachers available

culturally diverse

economically booming

vibrant community and friendly locals


high teaching salaries

unique cultural experience

high demand

work with locals

and housing, visa sponsorship and Japanese course reimbursements

teach English in Asia


teachers are highly respected

high pay

free housing and flight reimbursement

private or public has lots of available jobs


low cost of living

high demand

plenty to see and explore

the landscape is breathtaking and varied

free housing, travel stipend

International School Insurance Solutions


more exotic

a degree is required for most schools

visas are one of the easiest to get – sponsored by employers

low cost of living

lower pay

International Medical Coverage

Remember that when you are living and teaching abroad, your school should provide health coverage, but the policy may be substandard and may only cover you in that destination country. Some international teachers will opt for additional global health insurance coverage that will provide both local and global coverage, including back in their home country.