Bangladesh Healthcare System

Bangladesh Healthcare Information and Global Health Coverage for Expats

Bangladesh is a South Asian country that has gone through extraordinary advancements in the area of healthcare since it achieved independence. The country has risen from being a nation in a wrecked state of the economy to provide a model of quality healthcare that comes at an affordable cost. There are quite a few expatriates and even global nomads residing in Bangladesh.

Overview of Healthcare in Bangladesh

Despite a cautious beginning of dynamically following the objective of UHC, its 2012–22 Health Care Financing Strategy offers a primary plan of action that acknowledges the complications of overall coverage. This is against the backdrop of a broadly informal economy with a mixed health system and limited financial capacity.

Developments such as the launching of an array of medical facilities for all, greater accessibility to basic healthcare and providing health insurance to people living in remote areas have taken place. The government is deeply committed to these sub-districts. Nevertheless, the more significant policies have faced hindrances s such as an inflexible public funding structure that goes back to the colonial times.

Other policies are aimed at minimizing the flaws of the health sector, human resource problems, political intervention, control, and surveillance. Many steps are being taken to fix these issues, such as revision of the financial hierarchies in the public sector, putting in place better governance and control procedures, framing the rules of conduct for service providers, and rolling out health funding reforms in cooperation with different sectors.

For dealing with hindrances in implementation of these, it has been suggested that better quality services, general healthcare systems, and quality health service operations under the best of supervision be provided to anyone in need of the same. The need of the moment is dealing with demand-side issues like patient awareness and making the society self-sufficient.

The healthcare system of Bangladesh largely depends on the government or the government sector for funding, formulating overall policies and providing services. It faces a large number of complex problems – both for locals, global citizens, and ex-pats.

How the Bangladeshi Healthcare System Works for Expats

All foreigners who are going to Bangladesh must ensure that they take preventive steps against illnesses and ailments because of the state of the country’s healthcare services. Do not swim in public water bodies since there are high chances of these being polluted with human waste.

One must make sure that the water used for drinking comes from a hygienic source. Also, it is important to carry any anti-diarrhea medicine, whenever you are traveling. In case you have been afflicted by diarrhea for more than 72 hours, it is a must that you see a health official.

Healthcare in Bangladesh

Considering the scarcity of healthcare services in Bangladesh, there is a very bleak possibility of expats in the country getting the healthcare facilities they need. As far as healthcare is concerned, the benchmark of treatment is much lower than what many foreigners are accustomed to.

Several healthcare institutions fail to provide patients with services apart from prompt urgent care. Therefore, the best thing an expat can do is to find a global health insurance policy and healthcare information for Expats in Bangladesh that caters to treatment not just in Bangladesh, but anywhere across the world so that you can avail world-class medical care wherever you are.

Pharmacies and Emergency Services in Bangladesh

Here is a list of some well-known pharmacies in Bangladesh:

  1. 24 Hour Pharmacy, House-14/E, Road-6, Dhanmondi, Dhaka, Tel: 9673512, 9673507
  2. Lazz Pharma, Lake Circus Kalabagan, Dhaka, Tel: 9110864
  3. Shifa Pharmacy, Alam Market, Gulshan-2, Dhaka., Tel: 9880820
  4. Care Pharmacy, House No. 116, Road No. 11, Block E, Banani, Dhaka, Bangladesh, Telephone: 0088-02 883-6745
  5. Hope Pharma, SabaMoon Tower, 152/1/H Green Road, Panthapath, Dhaka, Bangladesh.Telephone: 0088-02 913-7076, 914-5786

If you face an emergency medical situation during your stay in Bangladesh, you should dial the emergency helpline number 999. (In case of a medical crisis, you may also call the country’s medical helpline, which is 199 for requesting an ambulance). In case you are located in a distant, rural area, you may have to dial the area’s emergency helpline to get medical assistance. Before taking a trip, it is important to note the emergency numbers for the area you will be visiting.

Necessary Insurance Paperwork for Expats

If you are someone with or without dependents but not the main applicant (one who pays for the policy), you are supposed to produce the following documents:

  1. Evidence of person: a copy of your photographic identity document such as:
  • Photo ID Card
  • Passport
  • Voter ID
  • Visa (if issued for residency purposes)
  • Driving license
  1. Residence Proof: a copy of a document declared in the last quarter as an address testimonial, i.e.,
  • Domestic Energy (electricity or gas) Bill
  • Hotel invoice (if required)
  • Bank statement

Best Private International Medical Insurance for Expats in Bangladesh

The health and the well being of your family in Bangladesh is very important. In Bangladesh, it is best for global citizens to have a private international medical insurance plan that directly pays the providers, or offers the best reimbursement for your international medical expenses. Although doctors in the country prefer cash payments, some hospitals accept payments through credit cards.

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