Expat Financial provides a fully Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliant international health insurance policy from Cigna International for select expatriates who require one global policy. The US Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) requires that certain US taxpayers have a policy that is compliant with the Obama Care minimum essential coverage (MEC). Cigna ACA Global Health Plan provides a solution for expats who need a MEC expat health plan.

Previously expats had to purchase a USA locally compliant PPACA plan in the United States AND buy a global medical insurance policy to satisfy the their needs and the IRS tax rules in order to avoid a tax penalty. This new plan provides a great solution for American expatriates subject to US taxes and expats living in the USA. There is no need to buy multiple policies and you can get a quote today and download the brochure.

The Cigna ACA Global Health policy includes:

  • In-Patient Care
  • Out-Patient Care
  • Test, Scans & Therapies
  • Cancer and Mental Health Treatment
  • Kidney Dialysis & Transplants
  • Well being and Preventative Care
  • Rehab & Other Therapies
  • Maternity & Child Wellness Care
  • Optional Evacuation, Vision & Dental Cover


Who’s Eligible for the PPACA Expat Health Plan? 

Eligible customers for the Cigna ACA Global Health Plan include expats under age 65 who are:

  • Non-US Nationals residing in the U.S. under an eligible visa or green card (Inbound)
  • US Nationals residing out of the U.S. (Outbound)

Why Choose a PPACA Compliant Plan from Cigna International?

  • The global medical plan meets and exceeds the minimum essential coverage requirements of the PPACA so that you shouldn’t be liable for an individual shared responsibility payment for each month that the policy is in force when living in the USA.
  • Policy coverage is worldwide including the USA as standard
  • Coverage is portable
  • Better protection for USA as it can mitigate provider issues
  • Looks and feels like a US health plan
  • The Cigna PPACA plan is designed for expats so you don’t need to buy the policy during an open enrollment period in the USA.
  • A range of cost share & deductible options
  • There is no need to purchase two or more policies anymore – resulting in savings and convenience for global coverage
  • As well as the minimum essential coverage benefits, The Cigna plan offers additional optional deductibles and benefits such as evacuation and dental to meet your needs and budget.
  • Preventative care benefits for you and your family with zero cost share.
  • If you no longer have a need for a minimum essential coverage plan or you move move to another country, Cigna can transition you on to their regular global medical plan for you and your family (terms apply, including medical underwriting).
  • The policy is very comprehensive
  • Unlimited maximum
  • No medical underwriting to get the policy & full coverage for pre-existing medical conditions!
  • Cigna provides our Cigna clients a Global Health Assist service. This gives you access to a dedicated team of doctors and nurses when you need them.

Cigna ACA Expat Health Plan Details

It is important to examine the full plan terms and conditions before you purchase. Please find below the following:

How Much does it Cost? 

The premiums will vary depending on the age, nationalities & plan options. In order to obtain a quote, please send us an email or complete the Cigna ACA Quote request form. If you don’t need or want a global ACA compliant expat health plan, we offer an excellent global health plan from Cigna HERE.

How to Apply? 

If you wish to apply for the PPACA compliant expat health plan that we offer from Cigna, you need to complete the above application and email to our office or click on the quote button and submit a request online.


Cost Share Options for Expats

The Cigna PPACA compliant expat health plan offers a wide range of deductible and cost share options in order to tailor a plan to meet your needs and budget. The co-share option you pick impacts the premium that is quoted. In the USA, there is an in-network and out of network coinsurance amount. Deductibles range from zero to $5000 USD.

Important Information About the Cigna Plan

Please note that you may wish to take individual legal, tax &/or financial advice to determine if the provisions of PPACA apply to you and whether this policy is suitable for the needs of you and your family. We are unable to provide any legal, tax or financial advice on this policy. Cigna reserves the right to determine if you are eligible for their policy.

Ineligible Customers for the Cigna ACA Plan:

  • US Nationals residing in the U.S. (including US territory includes: Guam, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, Northern Marian Islands and Virgin Islands). There are visa requirements to get the policy – contact us for more information. You must be an American living overseas or possibly just about to move overseas and have a non-USA address.
  • Non-US national not residing in the U.S.

General Criteria & Important Notes for the Cigna PPACA Plan: 

Please note the following general criteria for this global Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) global medical policy:

  • Product is offered on an Inbound basis (non-US nationals residing in the USA)
  • The Cigna plan will only cover you back in our country of citizenship up to 90 days per policy year.
  • Any person aged sixty five (65) years old at the start date or at the renewal date of any policy is not eligible for the MEC plan.
  • Any person who has, or is entitled for, an Employer Paid Plan is not eligible for the Cigna MEC plan.
  • CGHB continuation customers are not eligible for the Cigna MEC plan.
  • Trailing dependents are not eligible for the Cigna MEC plan.

We reserve the right to not offer this plan to individual expats. We look forward to obtaining a customized quote for you. Please contact us if you have any questions.