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Learn About the Best International Health Insurance Plans for Global Nomads

In today’s world, it is not only becoming easier to establish yourself as a global nomad, but in many cases desirable. When you live and work abroad as a global nomad or digital nomad, you will have to buy international health insurance to cover yourself locally and globally.

Why Become a Global Nomad?

There can be many expat tax advantages and more and more companies are allowing employees to live and world abroad. You can set yourself up as a global nomad in a low tax jurisdiction, in many cases places where there are beaches, excellent weather, and high quality of life. Many countries these days are making it very easy to get a long term working visa, such as Barbados. As long as you have high-speed internet and you can set yourself up in a safe and comfortable expat destination, you should be able to enjoy the benefits of working and living abroad – including setting up online businesses.

What are the Best International Health Plans for Global Nomads?

This is not an easy question as the coverage that global nomads and digital nomads choose depends on their needs, budget and requirements. Most international health insurance will come with a base level of hospital coverage and allow you to add optional out-patient care, wellness, vision, dental and wellness cover. A lot of the plans will have several levels of cover that will give expats higher limits and fewer restrictions. You can often get a quote online or contact Expat Financial to discuss your unique requirements.

Long Term Global Health Plans are Better for Global Nomads & Expats

In most cases, if you are going abroad for 6 months or well under a year, it will make sense to maintain your domestic healthcare and purchase travel medical insurance to cover emergencies only when abroad. But these travel medical plans are not great if you are living abroad for a year or more because you will need a comprehensive global health plan to not only cover emergencies but also non-emergencies, medications, checkups and much more – both back in your home country and your global nomad location.

Global Nomads Need Portable Global Healthcare

A nomad is often seen as someone who moves around from one place to another. For our modern times, a global nomad will often move from one country to the next. Only an expat health plan can provide the global healthcare for global nomads that will also allow the expat to be covered as he or she moves from one country to another – so portability is a key requirement. While it may be much less expensive to get onto a domestic health plan in your new destination country, domestic health insurance plans are not portable & they are often not available to expats or really a great choice.

International Health Plans for Global Nomads

Our Favorite International Health Insurance Plans for Global Nomads

If you are looking for a high-quality international health insurance plan for living abroad as a global nomad or international citizen, our favorite plan is the Cigna Global Health Options plan as it gives expats excellent coverage that can be there for global nomads of any age who are going abroad for the long term. It has excellent coverage, a very large network and is backed up by a large and well-known insurance company.

Another option for global nomads under age 69 is the Allianz Worldwide health plan, especially global nomads. It is another excellent global health plan from a very well-known and respected international insurance company.

For global nomads who may want a more reasonable and lower cost plan from a European based provider, we also offer the Integra Global international health policy to global nomads and international citizens. Lots of coverage options for international nomads and great service.

Still Undecided & Unsure?

International health insurance can be difficult to understand and appreciate. We do recommend that you download our international health insurance guidebook and then contact us to discuss your requirements. You can also get a custom quote and recommendation via our global health insurance quote form.

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