MSH International is primarily a Canadian and France-based Third Party Administrator (TPA) that offers expatriate group and individual insurance to clients around the world. MSHI was formerly known as Norfolk Group or Norfolk Mobility. MSH was founded in 1974 and has been a leader in the expat space since then. It has offices in Calgary, Paris, Dubai, and Shanghai and offers decent service in 24 languages.

MSH International is a subsidiary of the DIOT-SIACI Group and has offices around the world, including Canada, Europe and Asia. MSH is one of the most respected and comprehensive suppliers of international insurance services for expats in the world approximately 330,000 insured participants. The DIOT-SIACI Group designs and develops customized solutions for its corporate clients. The DIOT-SIACI companies have over 5,000 employees worldwide, and they insure 5 million individuals and reported a turnover of over €730M in 2021.

We have worked with MSH International for many years, which has led to a partnership for clients who need more customized coverage and solutions. MSH China has a strong presence in Asia and offers excellent policies through its various offices there. They even have an office in Singapore.

The company primarily underwrites global healthcare and life coverage but can also source and cover disability plans for expats. MSH is also a leader in the Canadian foreign student healthcare market. MSH is a subcontractor for global medical for some of the leading Canadian domestic benefit plan insurance companies, such as Sun Life.

We offer group and individual insurance plans from MSH International. Please click on the following links for information on the plans that we can offer:

Please contact us today for a quote on your expatriate group insurance plan. We can also quote on individual expatriates and some local nationals where permitted. We are confident that you will be impressed by the independent advice and service that our firm can offer, along with the financially secure and well-known global insurance companies that we represent to our corporate expatriate clients.