Norfolk Mobility Group

Norfolk Mobility Group is a provider of international insurance plans and is based in Calgary, Canada. The Norfolk group is a TPA that is now known as MSH International. MSH is a subsidiary of the France-based SIACI SAINT HONORE Group.

We offer two individual insurance plans from MSH International for expatriates. Please contact us for a quote for one of the MSH International plans as they are not available online.

Our most popular global health plan is the Cigna Global Health Options plan.

Expat Financial can offer group and individual expat health, life, AD&D and disability plans from MSH International.

Expat Financial offers a very wide range of carriers and plans clients in need of:

If you or your firm requires a global insurance solution, then you should contact Expat Financial through its owner TFG Global Insurance Solutions Ltd.  Feel free to call or email us your requirements.

Note that TFG Global Insurance Solutions Ltd. and Expat Financial are in no way affiliated with Norfolk Mobility Group. The above is just general information about the firm.

Note: Some of the products and services described or advertised on this site may not be available to residents of certain jurisdictions, depending on regulatory constraints, including Canada and the U.S. Please contact Expat Financial for more information about your specific jurisdiction.