Expat Financial is a key resource for students who are going abroad to travel, learn a new language and culture or attend a foreign university. While many universities, colleges and ESL schools will offer an international student health insurance, the coverage that they offer may be very basic and not cover your unique requirements. Expat Financial offers international health insurance plans from several global medical insurance providers which are perfectly suited to studying abroad and offer excellent rates for young students. We can also source travel medical insurance for students who will retain their domestic health cover and only require emergency medical coverage for under a year.

Health Insurance for International Students

Our international student insurance plans are as follows:

International Health Insurance

Choose from a wide range of expat health plans that will meet your needs if you plan to study abroad for a year or more.

International Travel Insurance

We offer the International Medical Group Patriot travel medical insurance plan for students outside of the USA and Canada who require emergency only medical coverage for under a year and plan to retain their domestic health cover. Covid-19 is not covered.

Canadian Travel Insurance

The Travel Underwriters travel insurance plan is well suited to Canadian residents who are in Canada now and plan to study abroad for up to one year and will retain their provincial medical insurance. Note that the plans do not cover COVID-19.

International Student Health Insurance

A one page pamphlet detailing the services and plans we can offer International Students.

Click on one of the above options and you will be able to get an online quote and even purchase your policy online. Feel free to contact us to discuss your student health insurance requirements so we can make a recommendation that will fit your needs. If your overseas education facility would like to discuss offering a plan for its students or even the expatriate staff, please contact us to discuss a group plan.