Global Health Insurance for Retirement AbroadInternational Health Insurance for Retired Expats

If you are thinking of retiring overseas or you have already retired abroad, then one of your most important long term decisions is on what retired expat health insurance plan you should obtain. Expat Financial has worked with expats around the world who have taken the exciting step towards retiring abroad. You can contact us to discuss your international health insurance for retired expats and your unique coverage needs or you can obtain a quote and even apply online for one of the ideal plans that are noted below. Obtain a quote now for the Cigna Global plan.

What to Look for in an Expat Retiree Health Plan?

  • A comprehensive plan that will cover your more complex and demanding health requirements as you age
  • An expat health plan that will cover you for life. This is for obvious reasons as one can assume if you are retiring abroad, you will want a plan that will not stop at age 65 or 70.
  • A plan that will cover you back in your home country should you choose to go home to see family and friends.
  • Coverage for pre-existing medical conditions. While most plans exclude pre-existing medical conditions, Expat Financial does offer some plans which can cover some pre-ex conditions subject to medical evidence
  • A plan with a high overall limit & evacuation coverage if you live in a developed country or travel often.

What is the ideal International Health Insurance for Retired Expats by Expat Financial:

Cigna International Global Health Options – this plan is ideal for people retiring overseas because the coverage is through a very well-known and respected international insurance company that can cover you for life.

Please contact us for more information, quotes and to discuss your international health coverage needs for your current or upcoming retirement. Remember, the key to retiring overseas is securing global health coverage.