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Expat Financial is an excellent source of construction and infrastructure insurance for companies and individual expatriates who work in the infrastructure and construction industry, especially in high-risk countries. The globalization of infrastructure projects has meant that once local companies are now global construction firms with employees posted around the world. The developed world is undergoing a construction boom, especially in relation to infrastructure projects such as bridges, buildings, power projects and resource projects.

Global Construction Companies Require Global Insurance Options

International construction companies operate in diverse geographical locations. They often execute projects in regions with unique regulatory environments, socio-economic conditions, and risk profiles. Expanding internationally means that they must meet their duty of care by making sure they have adequate coverage to protect the well-being of their expatriate employees working in unfamiliar environments. We have worked with global companies globally to secure comprehensive global insurance coverage that is tailored to the specific needs and challenges of the global construction industry.

One of the primary reasons why global construction companies come to Expat Financial is our wide range of experience and knowledge of the global challenges associated with sending highly skilled workers abroad to guarantee the success of a building project. They also realize a wide variation in healthcare systems and standards across different countries, especially in the developed world.

Global mobility managers realize that access to quality medical care may be limited, and healthcare infrastructure may not meet the same standards as in the employee’s home country. Having a robust global insurance plan can make sure highly sought-after talent is retained and attracted by employers who offer excellent international medical and life insurance plans. This can ensure that expatriate employees have access to medical treatment and services wherever they are located.

How Can We Help Global Construction Firms?

Expat Financial can help you source group international benefit programs to provide your global employees with medical, evacuation, personal accident, travel, life and disability insurance programs that will provide global coverage and portability. We only work with well-known and respected global insurance providers who can deliver the level of coverage and service that your company provides. We also work with many individual consultants and contract workers in need of expat insurance plans. This coverage may include hospitalization, outpatient care, prescription medications, and emergency medical evacuation, providing employees with peace of mind and ensuring timely medical intervention during a workplace or non-workplace illness or injury.

Global insurance policies offer protection against various risks, including medical emergencies, security threats, and accidents. By investing in global insurance for their expatriate workforce, construction companies can dramatically reduce and mitigate risks. International firms can also ensure compliance with local regulations, and demonstrate their commitment to employee welfare and corporate responsibility.

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