construction & infrastructure insurance

Expat Financial is an excellent source of construction and infrastructure insurance for companies and individual expatriates who work in the infrastructure and construction industry, especially in high risk countries. The globalization of infrastructure projects has meant that once local companies are now global construction firms with employees posted around the world. The developed world is undergoing a construction boom, especially in relation to infrastructure projects such as bridges, buildings, power projects and the resource projects.

Expat Financial can help you source group international benefit programs which can provide your global employees with medical, evacuation, personal accident, travel, life and disability insurance programs that will provide global coverage and portability. We only work with well known and respected global insurance providers which can deliver a level or coverage and service that your company provides. We also work with many individual consultants and contract workers in need of expat insurance plans.

Construction and Infrastructure InsuranceConstruction and Infrastructure Insurance Plans

Contact Expat Financial today to review your international construction and infrastructure insurance needs today. We are able to source individual and group plans.